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A Review of the Sales Recruitment Market

The number of vacancies is rising consistently. There are many ways to target the right job for you. Registering on job boards and applying to adverts online are the two main ones. This blog makes a recruitment review of the alternatives.

Let us assume that you have clearly set goals and know exactly what type of company and exactly what type of role you want. If you have the attitude of seeing what is out there trying your best until you get an offer then you need to stop reading this and go to our goals section. The choice for your personal marketing is relatively simple if you analyse it with some obvious questions such as:

Is small, medium or larger company right for you?
What sectors are in growth?
What of these do you prefer?
What sort of corporate culture do you want?

If you are strongly independent perhaps something more of a business opportunity, or setting up a new office in a new territory. It might be the opposite a position in large established structured company with proven products brand and market. Lots of choices and reviewing your exact goals and profile will determine what is your best personal marketing strategy. Winners don’t leave success to chance. You will know when the job is right for you because it sets you alight with enthusiasm. It is this enthusiasm that recruiters look for. These are the people that are destined for great things. These are the people that will stick with the new job through thick and thin. Weak sales people drop out and seek greener grass and everyone wants to avoid them.

So the Success Moves Consultancy review as promised:

1. Register CV on job boards.

Recruiters tend to mainly place advertisement and/or make direct approaches to people on the CV Database of a job board they have a contract with. So you need to be there and you need to have your details up to date. Your CV should be highly targeted to your goals above. A big mistake is trying to be a general as possible to not miss any vacancy or interview opportunity. Being targeted and focused produces better results. Recruiters delete fast those with generic covering letters and CVs.

2. Direct Approaches.

Apply directly to vacancies on job boards. Most candidates keyword search and send their CV out to many adverts without reading anything but the title. OK, but would a company’s next addition their sales team send their company brochure out and wait for a response. If you know what you are targeting after sending your CV ring them to secure the interview. Show that you are a polished sales professional.

There is never a need for a sales person to be unemployed for long. Why? Well take an afternoon off review then ring a dozen leading companies and tell them you could sell their products and convince them on the telephone. At the end of the day you will be deciding between offers. Companies always want more sales, especially now in a growing market. So they will see you and at that meeting negotiate the best deal you can get, depending on how you see that.

3. Linked In

It is a fact that every month thousands of people get a job through Linked In. Recruiters use it heavily. Ensure your profile is amazing, it is free advertising for you. When you have done that search the targeted Sales Managers/Directors Managing Directors directly message, email, call them. Find a connection to get them in your network.

4. Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Olympia, Excel, Earls Court have events on every day. At these events are companies who have spent thousand on a stand to sell/market their products. Find the companies that you want to work for and make yourself known. If the right person isn’t there. (Sales Managers are often on the stands). Get the name of the contact and call them.

5. Personal Networking

Ask yourself who knows the sort of person that you wish to make contact with. Where do these people go? Find out and meet them there!

6. Buyers Leads

Approach the buyers of the sort of product you wish to sell. Ask them who is pitching to them and who is growing and impressive. Get a name and ring that company directly.

Shortly I will be producing a video “Recruitment Review” and will discuss personal marketing in more detail.