Like a game of football, success is all about goals. Footballers always know from individual to team level where they are trying to get the ball to. In job hunting however, goals are often missed because candidates do not have a clear vision of the goal posts.

Here is a simple format to establish your short and long term goals and come over better at the RIGHT interviews.

What I Would Like To Achieve By Three Months Time.

What I Would Like To Achieve Over Next 12 Months.

The Thirteen Golden Rules For Making Goals And Micro-Goals Self Fulfilling

Each goal can be broken down into micro-goals. The more accurately you word these micro-goals statements, the more likely you are to carry them out. Some of the following will be of varying importance depending on the nature of the goal being set. (First eliminate any generalisations, distortions and deletions with the questioning model, see Advanced Selling for Beginners by Alex McMillan, this is not essential but will save time.)

1. The goal must be positively stated (what you want not what you don‘t want).

2. What benefit(s) exactly will you (and perhaps others) get from the goal?

3. What exactly are you going to do, so that you alone have 100% responsibility for meeting the achievement? If the achievement requires the involvement of others you must be responsible for their contribution.

4. What are each goal’s do by date.

5. How will you measure each goal to prove you have done it?

6. How much time are you prepared to put in?

7. What are the other costs and are you prepared to pay them?

8. Is the goal set in context for when you want it and when you don’t?

9. Is there any part of you that is not happy in any way with this goal?

10. Is the goal in line with your values and beliefs?

11. Walk the course (visualise success) and take your first action step.

12. Tell everybody what you are going to achieve. Stick it on your wall.

13. You have identified a market for what you have to offer.