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Negotiation Tips

The following list represents the techniques and beliefs applied by the most successful job hunters. Read this list and think about each one before an important salary negotiation.

  1. Know your goals exactly.
  2. Higher aspiration levels win higher rewards.
  3. Skilled negotiators with high aspiration levels are usually winners irrespective of power.
  4. Large initial demands increase the probability of success and the option of compromise.
  5. People who make small negotiations during negotiations fail less.
  6. It is best to avoid making the first compromise.
  7. Perceived power is more effective and influential than real power.
  8. An early start date is very effective in forcing compromised settlements.
  9. When people want and expect less, they are satisfied with less.
  10. Applicants typically raise aspirations after success and reduce them after failure.
  11. Fear of losing a job offer makes candidates compromise more than they should.