Our client, Tricostar.com is a software (SaaS) provider who work with businesses to simplify e-mail, document and data management. This is a very lucrative sector. Essential for most organisations this software service is in high and rising demand as the trend for remote working continues to grow. Modern employees and businesses, now more than ever, are in need of an easier way of managing information in order to firstly handle critical documents as well as to collaborate efficiently, and our client offers an ideal solution.

Our client is seeking to hire ambitious remote working self-employed sales executives to sell to target sectors able to benefit from this management software. Candidates who are able to use their expertise to create opportunities will earn very high and passive sales fees based on the repeating revenue of the software subscriptions being sold. Target earnings in year one are £95k+ which would additionally have a passive income set up for years 2 and 3. See below.  This is due to the repeat passive income paid for signing up customers to multiple year contracts.


  • Generate new business sales opportunities by pitching to senior decision makers.
  • Adopt a consultative sales approach to show the benefits and potential return on investment that your services can offer to businesses.
  • Present to either C-Level decision makers or department heads such as IT or HR
  • Show the benefits to organisations of adopting a managed software system.
  • Work closely with the Head of Sales to develop prospects through to completion.

The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills over the telephone and previous experience in a sales, tech, software or SaaS culture would be an advantage. More important is industry knowledge of sectors such as finance, fintech, banks, insurance, legal, tech, accountancy, defence, electronics, e-commerce, marketing and anything in the public sector that will have a high demand for e-mail and data management software. In fact, any organisation with 50+ staff is a potential prospect. We generally price per user per month so in fact we are targeting much larger organisations.

This is a growing business expanding their sales team and offering a very high-income sales opportunity in the software sector. The software sector is one of the most highest paying for sales people and is set to grow. This role is ideal for those seeking a remote working self-employed high-income sales position allowing freedom to work from wherever they wish.

Often Data Processing Manager and IT Manager will be initial contacts.  Budget and decision though always at board level.  There are many competitors of cyber security and difficult to choose. Testing each one is very long winded and hard. And all seen as the same. Therefore, deals go to the better sales person that wins over through good rapport, know, like, trust and credibility. Our client offers free trials and other ways to get on board with low commitment to offer proof of value.

Our client has products designed to get an easy ‘foot in the door’. In fact, making contact is relatively easy to this market. Developing that conversation to serious interest and closing is what is needed.

A typical sale is to a large company/public institution with at least 50 users.  At the lower end, a sale would be £100,000 year 1 £30K subsequent 2 years 3-year contract. At the higher end 3 times that.  Profit margin is about 80% of the sales price meaning that sales fees are both large and repeat over the 3-year contract, which is often renewed. Our client has other products with different margins.  You will be paid 50% of this margin year 1, then 20% year 2 and 15% year 3. Back to 50% for a renewal. So one sale will give you a monthly income for 3 years.  Below is an expected sales income for the first year, showing how you earning residuals for 2 years ahead. By year 3 being on a self-employed contract you will have a good income for the year before you make a single sale!

Lead Generation
Your first task is to pick a sector to focus on. This should be an interest or area you have experience in. Then match that to a clear market opportunity.  You will then need to update your Linkedin profile. This means that as you make connections, messages etc, you will build up a niche following and those that come to you from keyword search or prospecting will find you easily and see that you specialise it in their sector. Simple Linkedin search will give you all the key decision makers you need to contact.  This is the essential foundation and main source for lead generation. The market demand, the niches and the simplicity make this an in-demand product with a receptive audience.

Initially utilise your existing networks and connect to key targets, and gain experience fast.  Excess leads, which cannot be handled internally, will be passed on at our discretion to those who have a proven track record in closing them.

I have constructed the earnings table below showing the money paid and earnt, but not paid, until year 2 and 3.  Clearly the years 2 and 3 will start off with these incomes meaning this really is lucrative for those who think and plan long term.  As you can see as time goes by your residual figures will be quite substantial.

Expected Earnings: 

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL
£Sales 0 0 6000 6000 6000 9000 27,000
£Residual Year 2 0 £0 2,400 2,400 2,400 3,600 £10,800
£Residual Year 3 £0 £0 £1,800 £1,800 £1,800 £2,700 £8,100
Total Earnings £0 £0 £10,200 £10,200 £10,200 £15,300 £45900
Month/Item 7 8 9 10 11 12 TOTAL
£Sales 10,000 10,000 12,000 10,000 14,000 12,000 95,000
£Residual Year 2 4,000 4,000 4,800 4,000 5,600 4,800 38,000
£Residual Year 3 3000 3000 3,600 3,000 4,200 3,600 28,500
Total Earnings £17,000 £17,000 £21,400 £17,000 £23,800 £18,400 £161,500


Please email back to david.guy@successmoves.co.uk to arrange an interview.