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Sales Investment Broker – Equities and Bonds Waltham Abbey Essex/City
The company are an established investment brokerage marketing regulated products.  Currently, they are looking to expand their sales team from their offices near J28 Of the M25, prior to a move to the City.  A knowledge, or at least a keen interest in investment and trading is sought.  We are therefore looking for very ambitious candidates to train and develop over the long term.  No sales experience is necessary, as the successful candidates will go through a structured and comprehensive training programme designed to provide you with all of the necessary knowledge.

The Role of a Broker
There are two main roles referred to as Openers and Closers (Or Dealers). Openers, as the word, suggests qualify prospects as having money to invest, then build interest in a specific product.  It requires a considerable amount of telephoning in a highly competitive market place.  Openers are usually trainees learning all about business, investment and selling.  They usually start on a basic and receive commission on all deals that were opened and the Closer will then finalise the trades.

In both roles investment selling is high energy, hard work in a results oriented environment.   It is a very lucrative opportunity to those who succeed, producing the highest earners in the sales profession.  It takes a time to build up knowledge still and a portfolio of clients.  Absolute honesty and integrity is key to developing referrals and recommendations and to keep clients for the long term.

Job Description:
If successful, you will be part of an established trading floor with senior level experienced brokers. You will also receive the benefit of intensive and on-going training to develop your skills and progress through the company. Whether you have experience in this sector or are new to the industry we will consider all applications for junior to senior level roles.

You will open and close deals over then telephone, on a daily basis.  You will be provided with warm and qualified leads from investors.  You must be prepared, after training, to make multiple phone calls to prospective investors on a daily basis.

You will be:

  • Selling to pre-qualified and already active investors every day, on the telephone, to introduce and market the investment products the company has to offer.  This will usually be equities or bonds in household name companies.
  • Working in a fast moving, quick thinking, decision making sector dealing with large sums of money.
  • Building and developing strong relationships with prospective and existing clients.
  • Professionally discussing the financial markets and the factors that affect them.
  • Be trained to reach a senior level at the company within a 3-month time frame.
  • Have the potential as a senior to be earning £5,000+ a month.

Salary, Commission and On Target Earning Details:
You will have a starting basic depending on your work record which will increase depending on the number of calls made. You will also receive a generous commission from the start.  In reality you should earn a minimum of £1500 month one, £2000 month 2 and £2500 month 3.  From there you should when fully productive be earning over £5,000 each month.  All the current senior brokers are earning £5,000+ per month.  Your focus on the first three months should be learning and not giving up.  The first quarter for any investment stock broker is tough and requires a determined attitude.  A ‘try it and see’ attitude just will not work.  The remuneration package can give you a substantial income whilst still in year one.  Both your basic and commission can rise significantly after the first three months and again when you progress to a senior broker.  You will be paid seriously high uncapped sales commissions designed to reward those sales people that are willing to put in the hard work. On top of this there are daily, weekly and monthly bonuses and incentives.   As the company focuses on the marketing of investment products you need not at this stage be qualified or undertake study for exams.  Later in your career, once you have a clear one year plus on your CV you can move to any other are of investment broking.

Successful candidates will be trained to open and close very large accounts with very high net worth clients.

The Interviews are all held on the same day to facilitate offers on the day.  The day will start by a full presentation on the company and all the details.



Is there a basic as well as commission?
Yes, there is a basic of at least 12k, depending on experience, plus uncapped commission.  On target earnings will be – 1 Month £1500+, Month – £2,000+, Month – £2,500+.  Most experienced brokers in the company earn upwards of £5,000 per month.  Many brokers earn £25k in their first year, some earn over £100,000, the difference being that if you are someone who understands high rewards come from hard work then you will be in control of your own uncapped earnings.

Is there commission from day one?
Yes, you will be paid seriously high uncapped sales commissions designed to reward those sales people that are willing to put in the hard work.  If your performance is average, you may only earn 20k in your first year however if you are prepared to put in the hard work than you will be looking to earn 5k+ a month as a senior.

Is there Induction training?
Yes, you will receive the benefit of daily intensive and on-going training to develop your skills and progress through the company.  There will be a morning meeting to discuss the financial markets which will include reading the Financial Times.

Is there ongoing training?
Yes, on-going training will be in place whether you are experienced in this sector or are new to the industry.  This is paid for by the company.

 What Qualifications do I need?
As an absolute minimum, you should have five GCSEs certainly with English and Mathematics.

What experience do I need?
As a Trainee position full training will be given and previous experience is not necessary.  Sales /telesales/customer service experience is an advantage.

Do I need a Car?
Yes, as the offices are not near a station or bus service.

What are the key personal qualities sought?

  • You will need to be a strong, clear and confident communicator with an upbeat tonality.
  • You must have disciplined timekeeping with a positive attitude.
  • We look for people that can demonstrate a natural sales ability, especially a good listener.
  • We want people who are money motivated as their goal with a determination to achieve.
  • A desire to succeed and a passion for hard work coupled with an energetic personality.
  • We are also selling investments and look for people with complete honesty and integrity.
  • We look for achievement in any aspect of life.

What do I need to bring?
One form of identity, such as a passport or driving license and a paper copy of your CV.  You also need to bring the contact details of two referees – one business, one personal. The former will be checked on the day the latter following an offer.

What is the name of the company?
By client request the name has been held back.  The reason is to stop approaches by rival recruitment business and more so by candidates trying to circumvent the interview system and ring and bother the company directly.   Please note to prepare for the interview read the books below and be prepared to answer the following questions.

What questions will I be asked at the Interview Stage?

  • What is a skill you would like to learn and why?
  • If you could witness any event of the past, present or future, what would it be?
  • What makes you different to most people?
  • Define commitment?
  • Do you have “It isn’t over until I win” attitude or do you react to feedback and choose a different direction?
  • Tell me about when something went wrong, and you took control?
  • What is your dream?
  • How would your best friend describe you?
  • In what way do you think Brexit will affect investment decisions?
  • In what way do you think interest rate rises will affect investment decisions?
  • What do you understand is the difference between a regulated and unregulated investment product?


Recommended Reading:

  • Investing for Dummies by Tony Levene
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Advanced Selling for Beginners by Alex McMillan
  • The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham
  • Warren Buffet’s Ground Rules by Jeremy Miller

Please confirm your attendance for the interview.  When you confirm please make a reminder note in your diary/phone and allow for any possible delays in arriving for interview.