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Success Moves – Associate Consultants (Our term for Undergraduate Sales Consultants Part Time Remote)

We are seeking ambitious business minded entrepreneurial undergraduates to work with us whilst completing their degree.

You will have the opportunity for extensive training and experience in business using your skills, whilst learning how business and finance works.  You can work any hours days you wish.  We are a valuable alternative to non paid internships and fast food/retail low level jobs typically available to undergraduates.  On graduating you can work full time for us or we will assist you in securing your ideal position. The really successful ambitious graduate could even be able to semi retire on graduating with the portfolio of passive income they have built.  The job is transportable meaning you can work it from a a national or overseas location and take the job around the world with you.  You will be continually coached and trained meaning you have a valuable experience to add to your CV when you have to market yourself on final graduation.

The role is to research and sell our services at senior level and then after training continue to recruit and fulfil assignments.

What we do is unique in that we offer to companies a full service recruitment consultancy including training. Essentially what this means is that we aid medium to large sized companies in growing their business through innovative and cost effective methods.  We mainly trade in the UK but developing in Germany and the USA.

You must:

  • Be undertaking a university degree.
  • Be very independent, creative and probably always wanted your own business.
  • Be interested in recruitment, business, sales, consulting marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • A passionate self-confidence and belief in your own abilities.
  • Be focused on learning but also earning very highly AND with a long term passive income upon results.
  • Realise with us, if you are average, let alone good,  your share of what you bring in is twice or three times a traditional recruitment business.
  • Realise that if you do not perform you do not earn.  We can pay far more to winners because we do not have to pay for non producers. Are you confident enough?
  • Be self-disciplined, confident, motivated, ambitious and focused with a good commercial acumen.

From day one you will be given a self-employed contract,from which you can potentially grow a significant business.  We are looking for people who know exactly what they want and determined to get it.  We want people that have decided already they will be a success whatever it takes.

We pay generously for achievements, not time served.  We do not pay basic salaries.    Achievers will be paid generously.  Most of our deals start with a deposit meaning you are paid quite quickly.  Other deals can take longer but be more lucrative.  We will tailor an individual goal plan to your needs.  We do ongoing training and coaching but our business model does not support people that need lots of management, discipline and supervision.   We do not even have office hours. This will either excite or scare you.


Success Moves Consultancy: Example Services to Clients

Guaranteed Replacement Investment Plan:

Our innovative, guaranteed recruitment service that keeps customer costs and risk low while we deliver results. This service can be utilised across any area of recruitment.

  • We carry out all advertising, initial CV reading, contacting of candidates, telephone interviewing until we find suitable candidates to put forward to the client.
  • Once placed, we provide a full 12 month guarantee of replacement for each candidate. This is against the industry norm and extremely popular with clients.
  • Instead of paying high fees once the candidate has been placed, they can minimise risk by spreading payments over the 12-month period while paying less

For this service we offer an innovative approach based on the level of candidates that customers are looking to recruit. For example, a typical recruitment agency would charge anywhere up to 20% of the candidates starting salary upon offer and acceptance of the role, with typically a 1-2 month partial rebate. Our service enables customers to spread this cost over 12 months and take advantage of a 12 month replacement guarantee. For example, if a customer was looking to recruit someone on a £25,000 a year salary typically you would look to pay a recruitment company up to £6,000. We could charge a client from £350 to £650 per month for 12 months per person with a full replacement guarantee across the period.  In reality we are looking for a contract for a whole department not just one person. Ten people is £3,500 to £6,500 per month, of which you could receive more than two thirds. After the initial work you receive this without any input. Although we offer far better prices and value for money our profit margin is still considerable more than a rival recruitment agency.  Ask us how at interview!

We cover all areas of recruitment but are especially strong in Sales, Accountancy and IT.   Could you sell this?


Interview Process Day

The IP Day is an innovative recruitment method we have run since 2008, designed to recruit and process high numbers of applicants on one day at a major saving to the clients typical and traditional recruitment costs. Over the long term we also have an innovative service which is only offered to those companies that match certain criteria which offers to increase sales for a client and to be paid on a percentage of those increased fees. This not only shows that we have confidence in what we offer but also that our goal is to build for the long term future. Many of our existing and long term clients are growing through this formula. Additionally, we also have qualified trainers and a coaching and development team that work with clients ongoing.

We now also offer an individual recruitment service aimed at innovating the way this serviced has been offered traditionally. Similar to a finance package we offer companies the opportunity to spread their costs over a monthly payment plan while also extending our guarantees over the duration of the agreement.

We have the vehicle for your hard work, enterprise and skills to make it happen for you.


Self-Employed Status
We want people that think and behave like entrepreneurs. We will respect you as a self-employed consultant with us in the business.  We believe that if you participated in building the business you are entitled to a piece of it.  As such we have structured the business to cater for talented people who might be in any location, or want to work in different ways.

Make no mistake the initial period is hard in terms of work, learning and building income.  You need to be committed and determined with a long term focus.  For those who make it the income level is quite substantial.  Additionally, you will own the fee rights as an Associate Consultant protecting you against any fall of income.



What are the Success Moves Consultancy’s USP’s?

We are a low cost high quality alternative to a recruitment agency.

Our motto is: “Half the Price, Double the Service, Triple the Guarantee”.

We are offering a service and product to companies that can substantially help them to build their organisation without a lot of upfront cost or risk. Small businesses nowadays cannot easily raise capital or acquire loans from banks. Our services help to build companies without the need for selling equity, acquiring debt or having high overheads.

Is there much competition?

Yes and No. AMny recruitment businesses but as the services and products that we offer are always bespoke and unique we can tailor what we do to match the needs of the client. Many companies in similar sectors to ourselves are still doing business the same way it has been done for decades with varying levels of results. Our clients are dissatisfied with the old approach and are looking for fresh ideas which is why we are growing as an organisation. We are looking to revolutionise the industry and thus need very ambitious determined and capable graduates to help us achieve this.

How much can I earn?

We provide the vehicle and the formula to make you very comfortable during university. How well you work it will determine your income level.


When can I start if offered?

After initial training.

 Is there a contract?

Yes. The contract is drawn up by the largest employment specialist lawyers in the UK and will be given to you on day one.

Recommended Reading:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie
  • Advanced Selling for Beginners by Alex McMillan
  • Teach Yourself Entrepreneurship by Alex McMillan
  • Entrepreneurship: A very short Introduction by Paul Westhead and Mike Wright
  • Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life By Richard Branson

Interested?  Reply back to the email inviting you to interview.

Thank you for reading. Please conform your attendance on the recruitment open day.  This will start with a presentation followed by pone to one interviews.  The afternoon will be straight on with training for those that are accepted and join us.