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Natural Wipes  – A Unique High and Repeat Income Opportunity

Offers: Freelance Sales Distributors Part or Full Time (No stock or sample purchase)

Job Description:
Natural Wipes is an innovative marketing and promotional company with a revolutionary yet simple product that has established success in many countries. The business started in the Middle East and has experienced considerable growth and success with household name customers and brand names purchasing units in the thousands or even millions per month. This has led to expansion in countries starting from the United Arab Emirates to Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the USA and more. The UK is as yet a significantly untapped market as the business has been set up in this country for less than 12 months, as such we are looking for motivated candidates who can help achieve this products full potential in the UK market.

Major household and brand names are existing customers overseas, and as such testimonials and client case studies are available from the likes of Mercedes Benz, Holiday Inn, Deloitte, Porsche, Total, Western Union and more. They bought into the indirect benefits of recognition, image and loyalty associated to their name with a quality product. Selling brand value is a skilled communication at senior level and the results can be many times the investment for the product. Brand is about return on investment, product is about cost.

The particular product you will be offering will be sold on a business to business basis as a marketing, branding, or promotional solution and as such you can be selling to owners of small businesses to senior executives in large companies both for repeat orders. On a practical basis, the product is a high end cleaning product for personal use either as a hand wipe, face wipe or make up remover. On a commercial level, the product itself is for brand enhancement or improved experienced of service. Current sectors that this product is being sold into include; Hotels & Resorts, Airlines, Events, Cosmetics retailers, Restaurants, Health Clubs, Corporations, and much, much more. Any industry that can benefit from a promotional item or a practical item to increase service is a prospect.

We therefore need sales agents who are:

  1. Experienced in sales or have a strong personal network or good people skills.
  2. Understand marketing and promotion and how their brand on the products would help their business.
  3. Understand that they are building a long term business and have an entrepreneurial mind set
  4. Be determined to achieve a high and residual income through building and developing relationships


We are targeting companies small, medium or large that put a high priority and spend on marketing, especially promotion, brand enhancement and name recognition. Current and identified sectors of benefit include:

Transport: Airlines, Holiday, Events, Cruise liners, Chauffer/Limousine Hire, Car Rental, First Class Trains, Ferries.

Hospitality: Corporate Meetings and Conferences, Hotels, Political Rallies, Concerts, Grand Openings, Weddings, Movie Premieres, Fashion Shows, Sporting Events, Clubs.

Consumer: Spa and Health, Gymnasiums, Supermarkets, Casinos, Health and Beauty Retailers, Make Up Brands, Beauty Salons Beauticians, Holiday Resorts. Airports, Yacht Rentals.


Your role will be:

  • To visit and show the product and then to take the initial order.  (You will receive commission on all subsequent order.)
  • To build and develop strong relationships with customers and potential customers
  • Generate further leads through referrals, networking, LinkedIn or via phone/email
  • Network on LinkedIn and in physical locations to produce and be visible
  • You will have a self-employed contract and will be responsible for your own travel costs, marketing materials and samples will be provided by the company. You have no costs for stock, training or materials.

Ideal Candidates:

We are looking for three profiles of candidate:

Person A:
Wants to work part time, perhaps with other business interests or has very specific income goals to supplement an income. Has contacts and knowledge in a specific sector which he or she wishes to exploit.

Person B:
Wants their own business but has no capital seeking an opportunity offering a high and residual income through an innovative product with all of the benefits of working independently.

Person C:
Money motivated senior executive and determined to break through the six figure barrier as soon as possible with a view to progressing to a leadership position to build and manage a team of sales agents for an override.

Projected Income:

You will be paid 75% of the margin on the first three orders from EVERY customer you introduce.  This rises in time up to first 6 orders.  This is so that you can earn high and fast right from week one.  The company makes no profit on these first orders.  Then you will receive 10% for as long as that customer keeps ordering.  After introduction the head office will do all the work.  This is without doubt a very generous and lucrative commission plan on a product which has a very successful sales history with many household name customers.  Please note you will not pay for products, samples, training or anything else to the company at any stage.  The best way to sell is to focus on the branding that the products offer to the customer.

On the interview day you will be shown and given a powerpoint presentation by the MD of the company with all the details on the company, product, commission and expected earnings. You will also see and test the products or yourself.

Commissions are all on a self-employed basis, therefore please bear in mind:

  • Earnings are not subject to PAYE tax, and any related expenses are tax deductible meaning you keep more of what you earn
  • Once you bring in a customer all future orders from them give you an automatic commission for as long as they purchase.


When do I get paid?

Normally at the end of each month after receiving your invoice. As customers pay before we process the order, so cash flow is very good.

Is there a lower commission fee rate for company provided leads?

No. Our intention is that we want to reward effort and of course leads will be provided (We will not however pass leads to people that are just letting us do all of the marketing).

Who is The Managing Director?

Mr B. Buksh. Please see website


After reading this brief and visiting the website and please confirm your attendance by email to for the presentation event at the Sofitel Hotel, London Gatwick. The founder and other partners will present on the day and answer all of your questions. Those that are interested in the opportunity and convince us of their suitability will be offered a contract on the day.