The Investment Club Network.

Independent Business Associate.

Fees + Profit Share + Bonus into 6 Figures Year 1.








The Company:

The company manages investment clubs in 52 countries with thousands of members who have seen their portfolios grow significantly. They are all using the proven, tried and tested system to invest for profit without the risk of loss. They follow the Club founder’s system and it works. Many of the members are chartered accountants, bankers and other financial experts themselves. The Club Founder has a goal of making 1 million millionaires in the Club. The results so far are amazing with many very happy investors getting richer by the day.

As the founder says, most people know how to buy and sell shares and that they receive dividends over time. What they universally fail to do is rent those shares for an income whilst they hold them. Major mistake losing out on a significant money stream. This is just one of many techniques taught and actioned in the club to lower risk and increase reward of investments. The Club founder has seven published books on financial investment and is a regular sought-after speaker on the international circuit.

The Rewards

We are looking for people to both promote the club and market the courses and to new potential members on or offline. There are two strategies:

The latter is the shortest way to quick cash. All club members have to commit to the basic fundamental course. Otherwise, they would not understand or participate in club activities. They can, though, join a club for one month without completing the education. Most, however, buy this course immediately. Therefore, this is the quickest and in fact you can earn and be paid on day one.

The biggest returns, though, come from setting up new clubs. Because once a club is started, they tend to attract new members by themselves. This means you receive sales income on all those people that you have never spoken to or communicated with.

The income you receive is threefold:

  1. Commission on sales from the five courses, which can be done on or offline. From the compulsory education seminar (MMCP), you will be paid approximately Euros 500. (The Club accounts are in Euros, trades in US dollars and you will be paid in Sterling.)
  2. A percentage of each club that you set up, profits will be paid to you. For the lifetime of the club.
  3. There are profit shares available when a club member you enrolled or from a club you set up makes a major capital injection.

So, you have quick cash flow and you have long term passive income. What more could you want?

You will have a self-employed contract and will be responsible for your own travel costs. Marketing materials, personal training, coaching, online events will be provided by the company.

The Role

To promote the Club and sell the courses.

  1. Contacting personal warm and hot contacts. Friends, relatives, college contacts, previous work colleagues, sport, church, etc. Usually, this is enough to trigger further referrals through their network of contacts. Good news travels fast.
  2. Messaging and other communication through LinkedIn and Facebook connections (only approved content).
  3. Working group on social media and setting up own group (only approved content).
  4. Social media marketing, such as having your personal YouTube channel (only approved content).
  5. Attending live talks, promotions, training events, exhibitions and networking clubs.

We need Business Associates who are in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Experienced executives looking for their own independent business.
  2. “Digital Nomads” looking to work while free to move location to their choice.
  3. Experienced sales professionals wanting to earn both high residual and high passive income.
  4. Couples, partnerships wanting to work as a team with complimentary skills.
  5. Those wishing full time employment and wish to build up an income that they control before going full time.
  6. Those who have extensive contacts concerned about their pension and financial freedom.

There are four categories that have proven to be relatively easy to sell the benefits of the Club.

  1. Those who own or have owned shares.
  2. Buy to Let and other property investors.
  3. Entrepreneurs and owners of small to medium sized businesses.
  4. Attendees at personal development and business courses and events.

To support you, there are regular online webinars and live events that you can invite your contacts to participate in.

The Person Sought

The ideal candidate for this role will be:

    • Strong, motivated and experienced to communicate via social media, email, telephone and/or face to face.
    • Focused and determined to earn a high income and, more importantly, to focus on building a residual over £100,000 per annum.

    • Confident in their own ability to self-manage.
    • Have a business background.
    • Either self-employed, working on a freelance basis, has or has had their own business and/or wants the independence and freedom that this opportunity offers.
    • Understand at least to basic level the stock market and investment. Ideally having owned shares.

The Prospective Club Member

A potential club member only needs to commit to Euros 100 per month investment. They control their money with the other members. They can add more if all the members decide to do so, in such a manner that all the shares are equal.

New members have to agree to do the basic Euros 2,000 eight module programme. New members have 3 months to complete the course after joining the club; otherwise, they will be removed from the club.

There is no commitment to join the Investment Club yourself or to do all of the courses. However, your chances of success are way higher if you do the course, are in a club and know the project from the inside.

We are running an Interview Process Day on 23th March Saturday at Sofitel Gatwick. The co-founding directors will both be there and present the system and the company. The MD publicly speaks regularly.

The Projected Income for Business Associates

There are three aspects to income, which are both active and passive:

      1. Commission on sale of courses. This is quick and paid in full before course starts.
      2. Percentage profit share on each club opened. Slow but continues to grow and ongoing.
      3. Bonus on capital investment on clubs you opened or from investors you introduced.

There are three Grades of Associate.

      1. Associate 22% fees on all sales. Euros 440 on Making Money with careful Planning (MMCP)
      2. Senior Associate 24% Euros 480 (After selling 3 foundation courses.)
      3. Partner 26% Euros 520 (After selling 10 MMCP courses or opening 2 Clubs)

Fast Track Bonus:
Sell 3 Foundation courses (Making Money with Careful Planning- MMCP) in first month and there is a Euros 500 Bonus.

This is on the initial compulsory course on joining which is Euros 2000. Of course, there are several follow-on courses and they would automatically be credited to the Business Associate’s accounts immediately.

We have projected expected income below. In practice, it will depend on your goals, motivation and how hard you work. You will have a personal success coach to guide you.

The projected income of a Business Associate

We will start with, to be prudent, a low performer.  Although it takes him/her longer the power of compound interest with the growing residual plus passive elements plus referrals from club members you introduce means even they will earn over 6 figures by year 4.

The first deal is always the most important to set you on the path to success.

Person A:  Low Performer

Monthly Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
MMCP Courses Sold 1 1 2 2
Follow on Courses 0 0 1 1
Club Members (Cumulative) 0 1 1 1
Club Profit        
Income £400 £1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Quarterly Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
MMCP Courses Sold 6 8 8 8
Extra Courses 2 5 7 10
Club Members 3 2 2 3
Club Profit   £250 £500 £750
Bonus     £250 £250
Income £2,900 £5,500 £8,500 £11,500
Annual Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
MMCP Courses Sold 30 33 33 33
Extra Courses 24 30 30 30
Club Members 10 16 24 36
Club Profit 1,500 3,250 4,750 8,000
Bonus 500 1,250 2,000 3,000
£Income £28,400 £56,000 £88,000 £108,000

Person B Average Performer

Annual Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
MMCP Courses Sold 45 50 50 50
Extra Courses 35 45 45 45
Club Members 10 20 30 40
Club Profit 2,000 4,250 6,000 11,000
Bonus 1,000 2,000 3,500 5,000
Income £63,000 £87,000 £111,000 £136,000

Person C Serious Performer

Annual Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
MMCP Courses Sold 60 65 65 65
Extra Courses 40 50 50 50
Club Members 25 35 45 55
Club Profit 2,500 5,000 8,000 13,000
Bonus 2,000 3,000 4,000 6,500
Total Income £119,000 £142,000 £177,000 £219,000

The potential is quite exceptional.

We want people who think big.

These earnings are all on a self-employed basis, therefore please bear in mind:

      • These earnings are not subject to PAYE tax, and any related expenses are tax deductible meaning you keep more of what you earn.
      • On the self-employed model you OWN an income producing asset. Under the employee model if you leave all your good work goes back to the company or someone else to benefit.


      1. When do I get paid?

At the end of each month after receiving your invoice. As customers pay for courses in advance, the cash flow is very good. The profit share and bonus on each club will of course be when that is declared.

      1. Will the company executive help me to talk to prospective club members?

Yes. There are also regular live events which they can attend and online club meetings which they can listen on. There are a whole host of videos and other materials to use in showcasing.

      1. Is there training in place?

You will be trained initially on the product and on sales, business and investment matters on an ongoing basis through The Investment Club Network and Success Moves Consultancy.

      1. Is there coaching and do I have to pay for it?

Yes, there is and no you don’t have to pay for it. We only used highly qualified performance coaches that have a proven track record of developing people to six figure incomes.

      1. Is there a contract?

For further information, please see

After reading this brief and visiting the website and links, please, confirm your attendance by email on the recruitment event at Sofitel Gatwick Saturday 23 March 2019 and a training event for those offered on 24 March. (For clarity: there is nothing to pay for training or anything else.) The founder and other partners will present on the day and answer all your questions. Those that are successful will be offered a contract on the day. The founder directors are flying in from Europe and wish to see interviewees on the same day. There will be future events.