We are seeking ambitious people seeking or developing a career in sales for a well-established, expanding, and unique telecomms business. They offer a revolutionary yet simple product that has proven extremely successful for businesses operating across the world. Conxhub.com offers a simple and innovative product that greatly enhances the uses of a smart phone. Any smart phone user will be amazed at what they can add to their phone. Multiple lines, local offices everywhere, international calls not using the Internet which means no crackle or cut offs. There is no hardware. Customers can be signed up just by taking them to your personal URL. They are signed up immediately and you will be paid front loaded and residual fees automatically. Real quick cash in your pocket. The Gold service, which is the most expensive, is only £15 per month per phone user. Businesses are where the real market is as they can instantly turn these benefits into savings and other increased efficiencies. They can instantly have a local number anywhere in the world for example to start trading there. Research has shown most customers prefer a local number to call them.  A business of course can buy this service for all their staff. If for example they are a call center or are anyway international the benefits are massive and instant. If they use a smart phone, then we can improve their business.

The role itself involves sales to sign up new businesses.

We therefore need Remote based self-employed sales consultants; this means you can be in any location and free to be a ‘digital nomad’ and take your job to wherever you go.  You must be:

  • A university graduate in any subject, or at least 2 years selling experience.
  • Consultative and have an entrepreneurial understanding of how businesses can better operate
  • Motivated to build a career in sales.
  • To be the best you can be and seek high income. (Great thing about sales is you do not have to wait until someone recognises your achievements to promote you. You get a bonus on every achievement you make!)

Those who join will then be put through a full and thorough training program guided by the Sales Director personally.  By the way, he started as a customer and was so impressed now works for the company. He will coach and mentor you during the early months in the role.

Main Tasks to Build Customers:

  • Generate conversations with business owners and senior decision makers to close new sales.
  • Learn sales techniques.
  • Learn how to question and listen to thoroughly understand a prospect’s, needs, wants goals and current business model.
  • Build a portfolio and upsell them on our products.
  • Generate further leads through referrals, networking, and social media i.e. LinkedIn and Facebook.

What Are You Paid?

There are two elements of your remuneration.

  1. Front Loaded Fees.

In the first three months of a sale for each phone you receive 25% of each sale. This rises to 50 and then 75% of the sales.

  1. Residual Fees

For the following 9 months you receive 10% of each sale.

We have structured it this way so that you can earn cash quickly. You can then focus on building a portfolio of customer and build regular and rising fees. These will be paid each month into the future meaning you earn a fixed fee each month without doing any work!  The real deal is to build up a portfolio and to maintain it at a high level.

We have calculated in year one.

A below average performer will earn between £21 and £29,000

An average performer will earn between £28 and £45,000

An above average performer will earn between £45 and £75,000

Year 2 above average performers will earn six figures made easier by a regular high monthly residual.

On top of this you will receive training. There will also be bonuses and prizes for top performers.

And perhaps the biggest benefit of working remote is that you can take your job with you wherever you go. Why not use it to see the world but staying in out of season 4-star hotels instead of backpacking! Remember that with one of our phones you can be calling from London wherever you are with total voice clarity and no call charges!

Those who succeed will have the following attributes.

  • Able to self-discipline themselves to work hard and make 100 calls per day.
  • A determination to success and build a sales and marketing career.
  • An attitude that turns failure on any call into feedback and a learning opportunity to progress.
  • Good clear accentless spoken English.
  • Clear financial and career goals.
  • An unwavering focus on those goals.

As the position is remote, we cannot emphasises enough the need to self-motivate. We will be providing regular online group training and management sessions to guide, support and assist you.

The interview day starts with a presentation and you will be left in no doubt that these figures are realistic. Sales is the only professional area where you are paid according to hard work, ideas, skills, determination, and motivation. And that youthful age is not against you, having to climb an organisational pyramid. Many companies employ salespeople that earn more than the Managing Director.

As well as the sales income you earn, each client you bring in becomes a part of your portfolio and you will earn of them for 12 months. You are therefore building a passive income which pays for the lifetime of that client. At the open meeting there will be full information and specific examples given with further information and links on the company background and their service.

The opportunity as a Remote Sales Consultant is on self-employed basis, therefore please bear in mind:

  • You earn from not only each new customer you sign up but every phone they sign up with.
  • These earnings are not subject to PAYE tax, and any related expenses are tax deductible meaning you keep more of what you earn.
  • You must make an annual self-employed tax return to HMRC. We will advise.


How are my fees calculated?
You receive front loaded fees and residual fees for 12 months for each phone in a contract.

How quickly and how much can I earn?
You will earn as soon as you bring in a customer and they pay immediately to join.  This should be week one. You can achieve this immediately after the induction training.  You should realistically have an increase in earnings every month as you build your portfolio.

What training is there?
At the company’s expense you will attend an online induction training course, which starts immediately.  You will be very confident and able to sell immediately after this.

Can I sell outside of the UK?
Yes, anywhere in the world with some minor exceptions such as North Korea!

Do I have to invest any money or buy anything?

What experience do I need?
We are looking for:

  1. University graduates, or undergraduates, with a determination, attitude, and goal to succeed in sales and marketing ready to be trained.
  2. Experienced sales professionals looking for an independent remote lifestyle and the opportunity to earn very high income.

What are the working hours?
Most people will work Monday to Friday 9 am to 5: 30 pm.  This is when most prospects are available to call. However you can work part time and out of these hours as you are self-employed.

Can I work whilst still at university?
Yes. You can work part time and choose your days and hours you work. A great way to supplement your expenses whilst studying and also have an automatic full time job on graduating.

We will see you on the  interview process day. It is essential that you confirm you are coming. Please ensure that you are 100% committed and set a reminder on your smart phone.