Commissions (OTE; £65-£205,000+ first year, £1-£200,000 plus). Please note that investment broking positions are focused on those looking for high commissions and high OTE not high basic.

Our stockbroker client that is a PLC, sells FCA regulated equities providing retail and institutional clients with access to exclusive investment opportunities in the financial markets. Due to current expansion and growth of the business they have moved into new premises in plush offices in the centre of Canary Wharf. It is not necessary to be a regulated stockbroker to apply.

They are looking to recruit one or two experienced sales professionals. We are happy to hear from experienced investment consultants or those with sales experience in other areas looking to begin a career in this sector. The overriding desire is for someone who is seeking to turn their experience into very high income in this lucrative sector.  You will need confidence and high achieving sales experience.   It will suit someone looking for a partnership and a stake on their own business than someone looking to elevate their basic salary.

You will be working in a small professional team marketing FCA regulated eco investments.  There is no cold calling at all.  You will be calling warm and hot leads. The company spends several thousand pounds on advertising for each senior broker, in addition to more organic lead generation.  You will receive 10% on every deal.  Deal sizes can vary tremendously, usually in five or six figures.  Often smaller investments lead to larger ones and referrals.  Therefore, as you build a client portfolio your income level raises as does the orders from clients previously established.  So, although you can earn high in the short term, we prefer someone with a more long-term vision.

Working on a variety of capital raising projects, our client provides investors with a diverse range of opportunities in the stock markets. Focusing on private equity and IPO projects for their clients, this is a dynamic fast-paced sales environment where you will be working to strict deadlines and high targets in order to maximise the right timing for returns for investors. Successful new employees will be put through training in order to become extremely knowledgeable on the financial markets and be able to talk with authority on the subject. Not only that but you will be trained in all fields of investments – stocks/shares, trading, alternative investments and more.

No expert financial knowledge or financial sales experience is necessary for this role although you must be prepared to read and study seriously to develop your professional knowledge. Although it would be of benefit, we are not necessarily looking for investment experts but sales people with the potential to become the next generation of experts.

The founder of the company came to Success Moves as an experienced sales professional looking for a high income from sales.  He achieved six figures in his first year of investment selling.  He later established his own business with strategic partners and became a client of Success Moves.

Job Description:

  • Selling over the telephone and face to face to pre-qualified and already active investors every day in order to introduce and market the investment products that the company has to offer
  • You will consult on the best approach these investors should take when it comes to investing their money
  • You will be part of an established sales floor with other Senior level consultants based in Canary Wharf.


  • Prior telephone selling experience in any sector.
  • A willingness to learn as full training and support is ongoing
  • You will be able to work well under pressure
  • Confidence, a positive attitude to listen, learn and a desire to work hard and succeed
  • A professional personality
  • Target driven and money motivated
  • Professional communication skills
  • Clear spoken English

Apply today and if successful you will be invited to our Interview Process Day on the 12 January at the Sofitel Gatwick. No other date is available for interview.  Positions will be offered there and then on the day to start asap.  Feel free to ring me Alex McMillan on 07525-916574

As advertised we are looking for senior experienced sales executives.   This is a very high income opportunity based upon results.  There is no need to be a regulated broker and full training and support is provided.  You will be paid 10% of all deals closed, where the usual minimum investment is £10,000.  There is no cold calling, you will be provided with warm and hot leads from extensive advertising and other marketing.  Each lead provided is very costly and this is why we only recruit experienced sales executives who can turn them into deal now, deals in the future and referrals.

Please look at the company website here.

Investment Broker

The following job description describes the environment of investment selling as well as details on this specific job opportunity.   On the interview process day there will be role plays where you will be expected to pitch an investment product.  We have included some information below for you to prepare for the day.  Please read and study the details carefully and also do some research on the investment market.

Brokers are defined as a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others.  They can be front or back office, sales or analytical. We are talking about front office brokers which means a sales role.

The Investment Markets

 Individuals, companies and institutions such as pension funds make investments every day.  Different types of investments appeal to different types of people depending on their goals.  Investor goals can be summarised as:

1. Reward relative to risk.

If someone is saving for their retirement they will probably be risk averse and want to put their money in relatively safe investments.  This tends to mean lower potential returns for the extra security.  On the other hand investing in a small company might appeal if the investor believes it has the potential of a Microsoft or a Google.  Reality though says that only 1% get from a small to medium size company.  Some will want a mix of investments to have the best of both worlds.

2.Short, medium or long term.

The word investment implies long term, but what is short, medium or long is matter of opinion.  Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor, says that his favourite investment term is forever.  He says that short term ‘ups and downs’ in markets are irrelevant, it is the underlying value of the asset and it long term potential that is important. Many tend to monitor their investments regularly, often daily, looking for short term profits.

3. Liquidity.

Investors vary on how long they are prepared to wait for their cash.  A bank deposit will earn more interest if you agree to a 3 month withdrawal term.   Shares in quoted companies are tradable nearly instantly so they are liquid.  Property on the other hand as an investment might make a very good rental yield with security behind it, but takes months if not years to sell and become liquid.

4.Personal interest.

Investors often wish to support industries, or projects they believe in.  For example, if you are a big believer in the challenge of climate change then all the green investments might well appeal.

Types of Investment

For the investor there is a dazzling array of choice.  Individual investors by definition are not experts and the choice is wide.  The choices can be categorised into two sectors. Regulated and Unregulated.

There is a lot of myth and misunderstanding on this but it is actually quite simple.  An Act of Parliament has clearly defined that a Financial Service has to be regulated.  It further defines exactly what a Financial Service is and therefore which companies have to be regulated.  The regulatory body in the UK is the FCA – Financial Conduct Authority.  The FCA regulate companies that trade in shares, consumer credit, banks, stockbrokers etc.  If you fall under their definition you have to be regulated to trade.

What are the Best Investments?

All investments carry risk.  Investors are after all speculating on what the future holds.  We have now had a long period of very low interest rates.  Investors have therefore lost out at the expense of debtors.  So most fixed rate investment over the last decade has struggled to even keep pace with inflation.  On top of this companies have continually been seen to be trading in very uncertain conditions and therefore high risk.  Large old companies might seem safer but many have perished such as Woolworths, Lehman’s, BHS and Austin Reed.  Any share in any company can of course go down to zero.  To counteract this there have been increased interest in the eco, green energy sectors even as more speculative but promising far greater returns and often more security.


The Role of a Broker

Traditonally there has been two main roles referred to as Openers and Closers (Or Dealers.) Openers as the word suggests qualify prospects arouse interest in a current offering and then send out details.  It requires a considerable amount of telephoning in a highly competitive market place, meaning dealing with lots of rejection.  Openers are usually Trainees learning the business, investment and selling.  They usually start on a low basic and receive commission on all deals that were opened and the Closer will then finalise business.  The closer will be far more trained, qualified and experienced and talk to prospects answering specific questions to close deals.

It is the most lucrative area to work in and to those who succeed producing the highest earners in the sales profession.  It takes a time to build up knowledge still and a portfolio of clients.  Absolute honesty and integrity is key to develop referrals and recommendation and to keep clients for the long term.

Most companies will only recruit Trainees as Openers. On average only one in ten of these will make the grade to Closer/Dealer.  A few companies will recruit people that have no investment experience but have sales experience closing deals in other industries.  They will then train them thoroughly in the products and investments principles.  Experienced closers are very highly sought after and will earn well in excess of six figures.  Changes now with the advent of the internet and social media mean that the Opener role is being replaced by advertising and marketing and the only entry point is as a senior experienced sales executive.   The key difference is that although always a warm lead who has expressed interest. You will be the first point of contact to develop rapport, trust and credibility.

In terms of job role and environment, you will be

  • Making sales calls to current and potential investors every day, all provided for by the company through advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Be put through expert training in order to gain a thorough understanding of the markets, products, opportunities and more so that you can quickly become a financial professional.
  • Be part of a growing team of professional, competitive and enthusiastic brokers.
  • Be expected to introduce, advise and develop client investment portfolios on an on-going basis.
  • Earn uncapped commission on every trade you are involved in.


Is there a basic salary?

No. You are paid 10% on all trades from day one.  Although you may take some time to learn the business the selling cycle is short and usually deals are conducted quite quickly after first contact.  You will also have potential to become a partner in the business.

Is there commission from day one?


Is there Induction training?

Yes. All training is at the company’s expense. You will be trained on investment selling fro day one.

Is there ongoing training?

Yes, most mornings will start with a training session.

What Qualifications do I need?

As an absolute minimum you should have five GCSEs certainly with English and Mathematics. You do not need to be a regulated broker.

What experience do I need?

Extensive sales experience in any industry.

What is the interview process?

We are interviewing suitable people that have applied all on one Saturday 12th January. You have to be available on that date. There will be a presentation on the position and the company, some group role plays and individual exercises before 121 interviews. Offer decisions will be made on the day. Directors and Managers from the company will also attend as well as Success Moves personnel.

What are the key personal qualities sought?

You will need to be a strong, confident communicator with a positive determined attitude. We also look for people that can demonstrate a clear record of sales success and a positive attitude, especially through obstacles. We are also selling investments and look for people with complete honesty and integrity. We look for stability and achievement.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring one form of identification, a current passport or driving licence or any other form of identification.

A copy of your CV including contact details of 2 referees – one business, one personal.

Recommended Reading: Please allow Adobe below.

Please confirm your attendance for the interview and make a note of the day, date and venue.