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Trainee City Broker (Property investment)

Our client is based in the City of London (Liverpool Street), offering financial solutions to major household name PLCs and other companies. The business is owned by two partners which have over 30 years’ experience as regulated City stockbrokers.

Due to current expansion and growth of the business they are opening a new operation within their established business and are looking to recruit a new team of experienced and entry level, traders to be based in their dynamic office. We are happy to hear from those looking to begin a career in this sector from entry level, through to experienced/senior brokers.  Training on finance, investment, and on selling to investors in a regulated will be taught on an ongoing basis.

City Brokers assimilate facts fast, think on their feet and communicate persuasively making deals happen.  A client of the company will need a certain amount of finance raised by a deadline. You as a broker will sell investments in the client company to High Net Worth individuals. They will want to be convinced that it is a good investment relative to their goals.   They will want to know about the market, products, management team, what is so special, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  They will want to know the liquidity of the company, profit and loss situation and facts about the balance sheet – the list goes on.  They will ask challenging questions.  You must be prepared to read the financial press daily especially the Financial Times and be up to date on all issues effecting investors.   The company is committed to achieve the target finance which creates a very urgent dynamic atmosphere of achieving results.  It is a very fast paced and an exciting place to be.

If successful, you will be part of an established trading floor with other junior and senior level traders. You will also receive the benefit of intensive and on-going training in order to develop your skills and progress through the company. Whether you have experience in this sector or are new to the industry we will consider all applications for junior to senior level roles.

You will:

  • Be making over 100 calls every day, after training.
  • Be talking to financially experienced investors.
  • Be trained to open and close very large accounts with these investors.
  • Be earning uncapped sales commissions and bonus incentives based on performance.
  • Be trained to reach your first promotion after 3 months.
  • Have the potential as a senior to be earning £5,000+ a month
  • Have clear use of English without the use of slang or a strong accent.

Commission, Bonuses, Expenses and On Target Earning Details:
The remuneration package can give you a substantial income whilst still in year one.  Your  bonus and commission can rise significantly in the first three months and again when you qualify and are promoted.  You will,when you progress, be paid seriously high uncapped sales commissions designed to reward those sales people that are willing to put in the hard work.

There are three parts to your salary as a trainee broker a commission on every deal, bonuses on other achievements and a fixed expense payment of £500 per month. Make no mistake the first month will be hard, testing you to see if you have what it takes to get to a six figure income.  Varying spreads of bonus will be dependent on the client.  Any client generated through yourself becomes part of your portfolio and as such any further trades are directly related to your income, meaning that you can and will receive repeat bonuses.



What can I expect top earn in the first three months?
Firstly you should think of the first quarter and certainly the first month as a training ground to build a solid foundation to become a Senior Broker. For the first 3 months’ there is a monthly expenses payment to you of £500 plus £100 variable basic for every account that you open (Your target will be 10) plus 4% commission on each account closed.  After 3 months’ you will be paid £250 per account that you open and a closing commission of 10% for sales over 50k per month.

The real objective though should be getting past training and closing your own deals by the end of the first quarter.  Then the income potential rises considerably. You should be thinking long term career building.

Is there bonus/commission from day one?
Yes, you will be paid seriously high uncapped sales commissions on results designed to reward those sales people that are willing to put in the hard work.  If your performance is average, you may only earn £25-£40k in your first year however if you are prepared to put in the hard work than you will be looking to earn from 5k+ a month as a senior from month 4 onwards.

Is there Induction training?
Yes, you will receive the benefit of daily intensive and on-going training in order to develop your skills and progress through the company.  There will be a morning meeting to discuss the financial markets which will include reading the Financial Times.

Is there ongoing training?
Yes, on-going training will be in place whether you are experienced in this sector or are new to the industry.

What Qualifications do I need?
As an absolute minimum, you should have five GCEs certainly with English and Mathematics.

What experience do I need?
Ideally but not essential experience in sales/telesales/customer service experience with an interest in finance.

What is the interview process?
We are telephone interviewing suitable people followed by the next stage of meeting the Director in Liverpool Street.  He will tell you his decision at the end of the interview.  After reading this document call Alex McMillan on 07525916574 and persist until you get through.

What are the key personal qualities sought?
You will need to be a strong, confident closer with a positive determined attitude.   We also look for people that can demonstrate a clear record of sales success and a positive attitude, especially through obstacles.  We are also selling investments and look for people with complete honesty and integrity. We look for stability and achievement.

What do I need to bring to the face to face interview?
One form of identity, such as a passport or driving license, and your most current CV.  You also need to bring the contact details of two referees – one business, one personal.   Anyone failing to bring these will not be interviewed. The former will be checked on the day the latter following an offer.

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