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Sales Residential Solar – Office Telesales/Appointment Setters.

Key Facts:

Number of Vacancies: 6 Office Sales (Appointments)
Salary Office Sales: £16,000 plus Bonus plus Commission plus Incentives. (Top people earn in excess of £40,000 p.a.)
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 6:00 pm
Office Base: Modern Air-conditioned Central Maidstone, Car Parking facilities near main bus and train station.

The Company
The business was founded by two entrepreneurs with significant experience and financial backing, initially in the telecoms industry.  Offering better deals, mainly savings to customers and they enjoyed great success.  The people working for them received generous commissions, bonuses and promotions all based on their own efforts backed by a successful business model and idea.  From this now established strength the company is investing in other areas that it has identified as lucrative.

They have already invested in an office facility that will cater for up to 100 staff in the centre of Maidstone.  It is a plush, modern air-conditioned building designed to enhance the working day environment of staff.

As the company is expanding and building new teams it has multiple vacancies for sales positions in both the office and in the field.  Those who start in the office can if they so wish progress to Field Sales.

The Office based team will be tasked with securing appointments with home owners for the Field Sales team for solar energy products.  Solar has come down significantly in price over the years and is now considered to have bottomed out.  Even buying a system on finance would mean a householder makes an immediate savings on what they are currently spending.  They can even resell their surplus energy.  It is also clean energy which is increasingly important to many people. Another advantage is that their power is independent of any grid.  This means that they are free from every experiencing power cuts or grid problems.   Every house that has not got solar already, which is most, is a clear prospect.  The market and offering are overwhelming.

Office Based Sales Team
The office-based telemarketing/appointment setters will start on an attractive basic (from £16,000), plus they will receive a bonus on every appointment they make irrespective of outcome.  They then additionally will receive commission on all visits that end with a sale.  Full training will be given.

So, we are looking for people that can be polite, rapport build and be persuasive over the telephone.  No selling as such, the visit has no commitment.  Career prospects are to become a Senior Adviser or Team Leader, Or transfer to Field Sales.  They can also transfer to another part of the company.

We are a fun, exciting company going places with a work hard, play hard attitude. We are results oriented and thrive on working to targets and exceeding them. Even in your first month hitting target can mean serious points towards qualifying for a Prizes, Awards, Trips, Fun Weekends. This is the sort of lifestyle we want and expect you to want. To achieve these things, you and we need to work hard and succeed. We are growing fast with a formula for success and corporate culture to enable motivated individuals to realise their full potential.

You must have a “Who Dares Wins” attitude of courage and confidence. You will be adventurous and fun loving with a serious and determined positive attitude to build a business, have a real time commercial flair and aptitude for closing deals fast. You will need strong commercial instincts to spot an opportunity and make it happen. To succeed you will need to be a good listener, focused and disciplined, with commercial instinct and a motivation to make money and enjoy an exciting lifestyle.

When can I start if offered?
As soon as possible, however we do respect that some candidates will have a period of notice to work.

Is there a contract?


How many vacancies are there?
6 Telesales/Appointment Setters.

What is the salary?
Office sales staff receive a basic salary of £16,000 plus commission and bonuses.
Our top people earn in excess of £40,000 per year.

Is there commission and bonus from week one?

Is there Induction training?
Yes, during the first week

Is there ongoing training?
Yes, on-going training will be in place whether you are experienced in this sector or are new to the industry.

 What Qualifications do I need?
As an absolute minimum, you should have five GCSEs certainly with English and Mathematics.

What are the key personal qualities sought?

  • You will need to be a strong, clear and confident communicator with an upbeat tonality.
  • You must have disciplined timekeeping with a positive attitude.
  • We look for people that can demonstrate a natural sales ability, especially a good listener.
  • We want people who are money motivated as their goal with a determination to achieve.
  • A desire to succeed and a passion for hard work coupled with an energetic personality.
  • We are looking for people with complete honesty and integrity.
  • We look for achievement in any aspect of life.

What do I need to bring to the Interview Day?
One form of identity, such as a passport or driving license and a paper copy of your CV.  You also need to bring the contact details of two referees – one business, one personal. The former will be checked on the day the latter following an offer.

Recommended Reading:

  • Solar Energy: Why is Solar Energy a viable Renewable Energy Source to invest. Kwaby Byrne
  • Solar Power Demystified Energy independence and Lower Bills Lacho Pop MSE
  • Solar 101: A Basic Guide to Saving Money with Solar Power. Ralph Funk
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Advanced Selling for Beginners by Alex McMillan

Background to Renewable Green Energy and Solar
Ever Since USA Vice President made the film “An Inconvenient Truth” back in 2006, we were all educated about the dangers of all the carbon pollution and how we were accelerating climate change through oil and coal fossil fuels.  This triggered virtually every leading scientist in the world including David Attenborough, Simon Cox to come out and say climate change is for real we need to move to clean energy. Clean energy, as well as saving the planet, is also renewable, which is the second reason it is bad news for the oil giants who want repeat billings.  Not good for them that they cannot charge on the sun rising the next day.  Every home that installs solar panels has just reduced the profits of an oil company. That is where the saving comes from.

Of course, the oil giants with many supporters such as President Bush in (from oil state Texas), funded hundreds of millions of dollars for professional PR agencies to make massive arguments denying climate change and to keep using oil/coal.  Even right up to present Day President Trump who has pulled the USA out of the Paris Climate world agreement and talks about “The War on Coal.”

The effect of this has been to hold back progress although the growth of solar and other renewables is now rising dramatically.  So many people are still influenced by the lies and propaganda to protect the Oil and related industries.  This means that sales people must be aware of the truth and be able to communicate it to ordinary people.

How Does a Solar panel Work?
Solar Panels catch the sun’s energy and converts it into electricity that can be used to power household goods and lighting.  You can earn money through generating your own electricity through the ‘feed-in tariff’, as well as save on your electricity bills. According to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (formerly the DECC), well over half a million British homes have panels installed.  Solar power is all about daylight, not sunshine. Panels can still generate some electricity on gloomy days, vital when the weather’s as dull as watching paint dry.

Solar Panels makes economic sense in Scotland and north England.  The further south you are can makes more sense. Remember, this is about daylight, not hours of sunshine. Southern homes get more and the benefits to someone in the South East are much more.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that panels in Manchester could earn you and save a combined £300/year on bills, compared with around £340/year in London and £285/year in Stirling. This assumes your only home during evenings – you can save more if you’re home all day.  The Energy Saving Trust says little maintenance is required on a properly installed, well-designed solar PV system, though you’ll likely need to replace the inverter – a gadget which is a key part of the mechanism – within about 25 years.

There are three ways to recoup the outlay…

  1. Electricity savings. First and foremost, you can use the electricity your panels generate, thus reducing your electricity bills.
  1. The ‘feed-in tariff’. This is a payment from the Government (but paid via an energy supplier) to pay households in England, Scotland and Wales for ALL the electricity they generate – whether you use it or not.

The feed-in tariff is income tax-free and paid quarterly by energy suppliers. It’s guaranteed for 20 years and is index-linked so rises with inflation.

  1. The export tariff. This is a payment for energy you don’t use which is sent back to the grid.

To move this exciting opportunity forward respond now to the email you received and confirm your attendance on the Interview Day.