Our client is a specialist home improvements business covering Glasgow and Western Scotland expanding fast their established and growing sales team. They are the exclusive suppliers of innovative product offerings in the UK that are energy efficient and save customers money and improve lifestyle. They offer an incredible training programme and development programme with a high earnings formula. To give you a flavour of what to expect right from the start.

  1. A recent starter aged 19 years, with us just earnt £1,800 in a week BEFORE commission. We pay £200 for every closed deal. He had 2 days in a row where he closed 3 deals on each day. Bear in mind commission will be considerably more than this.
  2. We had another person just started, again not sales experienced, who made £1,400 on week one just on the fixed fees.
  3.  Our trainees can still earn more than £50,000 in their first year.
  4. 25% of visits by trainees become closed deals. This is over 60% for the more experienced.
  5. When you become a senior sales professionals your income will be nearer £100,000 per annum and exceeding this figure.
  6. Our appointment setters are briefed to be very selective on who they will agree to see. You therefore are supplied with daily visits are that are already expecting you and interested to hear about what you offer.
  7. Home improvement is the highest paid sector for experienced sales professionals in Britain.
  8. You will be thoroughly trained and mentored right from the start.

If that has not got your attention you should not be looking for a career in sales!

I have been in sales for 30 years, been a Sales Manager, a Sales Trainer and written books on sales on Amazon. (see my author page) And this is one of the best opportunities I have come across.  They are excellent and proven at deveoping the inexperienced but motivated into sales superstars. And all at a time when so many industries and companies are struggling.

Why do I think that they are doing so well and beating all their competitors?

  1. Quality management with a clear vision for the future.
  2. Comprehensive and ongoing training academy.
  3. Impressive operational procedures and processes.
  4. Sales processes that have been proven to optimise sales results.
  5. Better control of their product supply.
  6. More attention and care to develop their people.

I have personally seen their sales board and met their management team. This is a quality company with the highest standards of management, customer service and belief in developing the careers of their people.

Driving licence and own car is essential.

The range of products starts at windows and doors but includes many other things, which will be gone through the open day.


  • Attend and learn form all training.
  • Attend pre-qualified appointments with customers in their homes
  • Provide exemplary customer service and advice to homeowners on how to save money
  • Show the benefits and solutions that your services can offer to homeowners
  • Speak with the head office team to confirm customer orders
  • Continue through company provided training in order to offer a range of home improvement solutions

Experience is a great advantage coupled with a positive winner attitude. We have found that those with a determination to succeed, the need to make money, a lively personality and are good communicators succeed. All that you need to know and say will be covered and learnt on our training programmes.

No experience is necessary for this role as the successful candidates will go through a structured and comprehensive product and sales training programme designed to give you all of the knowledge necessary to be successful in the role.


  • Understanding / knowledge of the challenges facing homeowners
  • Excellent communication and friendly rapport building skills
  • Confidence, a positive attitude to listen and learn and a desire to work hard and hit targets / goals
  • A professional appearance and personality
  • Closing abilities in order to regularly agree sales

The ideal candidates will have excellent communication skills in face to face situations and the motivation to regularly hit targets and close sales. These targets will mean that there is a realistic and high income available.  Additionally, the opportunity to progress is available to any suitable and high performing candidates.

Depending on location we can target appointments near to where you live.

Please note you will be given qualified appointments daily. The industry average on closing is one in five.  Our average conversion is 1 in 2. This means you will earn from week one and be looking to improve your record. You will immediately get a £200 fee for each deal you make before commission. This means you have no cash flow dips to manage. There is also an advance on commission scheme as well. Home improvements continues to be the highest paying area for experinced sales people with many in the UK earning over £200,000 per annum. Clydebuilt Ltd is additionally reacting to the changes in the market in terms of product, delivery and type of people it employs.

I look forward to meeting you in person. Alex McMillan Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin.  alex@successmoves.co.uk 07525-916574.  I will lead the presentation on the day which will provide you with full information. Then we will move to individual interviews.  Positions will be offered there and then on the day.