This job description starts with a repeat of the advert. Following is more detail on the opportunity and what it takes to be successful with us.

We are seeking Self-Employed Executives with business experience for our well established and expanding recruitment enterprise. We offer in demand products, post Pandemic, with high margins. You may have experience in any sector and any management or professional function. It is part of our brand that we are senior experienced executives used to dealing at MD level. Full training in recruitment will be given.

We are in a booming and lucrative market. We help companies recruit the key talent they need in a cost-effective way.  Our main product offer is our Interview Process Day.  Please visit our main site home page and scroll down for full details.  We also offer a service where a company can rent people from us meaning they have no risk of drop outs burning up a large recruitment fee.  We of course gain a long term income. Another popular product is GRIP which gives a client a 12-month guarantee, and payment spread. Or they can pay a fixed monthly fee and enjoy priority service and attractive prices.  As you can imagine, all of thee  are in high demand post.  The reason for that is we designed them to reflect what prospective clients told us they wanted. We have offered most of these since 2008, but no time has been as lucrative as now. Although you can and are encouraged and trained to generate your own leads and clients, we also provide leads.

We have a proven, soft approach, sales, and recruitment system. On joining you will be provided with a starter recruiter success system. As soon as you have made your first deal you will be eligible to grow a team of your own and become eligible for our leadership bonuses. We target a C-Level or senior decision makers in growth markets which has been assessed as having finance for growth. There are many growth sectors now, frankly because of all the change created by Brexit and the Pandemic. For example, IT Services, Software, Tech, SaaS, Digital Marketing, niches of Financial Services, Home Improvements, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Online Training are all doing exceptionally well. We also can supply any staff specialism, Technical, Financial, Sales, Marketing, Administrative, Engineering etc.

Please note that Linkedin is a key resource to any recruiter. You will need an account with a quality business style photo and to put your Success Moves business as the key focus. We will provide content to start you off. Then we will show you how to turn it into a money magnet.

How many CEOs of companies do you think are interested in growing their business and need key talent right now? Yes, a lot! Our marketing focus is finding the ones with money, visionary leadership, and products with a growing market and need for key talent. We then pass them to you to fulfil.

We will provide you marketing support to generating Hot Leads, Clients and Candidates. We will even close deals for you until you are familiar with our model. We buy in Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Promotions, Linkedin Groups, SEO, and other ways to build our client base. We target clients that will have a permanent ongoing need to recruit. These have probably responded to a paid advertisement and been processed with a sales funnel usually starting with a free eBook download. They will already be interested in what we offer and know what it is. Many will have agreed a deal before we pass it to you. This is all in addition to your own efforts which we guide you through to build and nurture and attract your customers. We help you to set up your Linkedin profile and marketing to be a magnet for Clients and Candidate in your niche. You should have a full portfolio within the first month. Those that work hard in the first month, will enjoy a rapidly increasing income. The first month is key we have found to start with full energy and determination. Then you will be focused on continually placing more productive people in these clients. We also have a mass interview processing programme for one day recruitment events that means you can place 3 to 6 people at the same time.  The lucrative opportunities are enormous.

Once established, you will be given your own personalised recruitment funnels and chatbots to use. This means that all you must do is to offer a prospect (Client or Candidate) a free eBook (that are for sale on Amazon) or invite them to a zoom event and our system will automatically follow them up with emails, texts, chatbots and offers.  All for your account. It builds a strong portfolio for you. We have designed Success Moves to only offer products that are in high demand during tough economic conditions to the sectors that are in growth. We have also designed it so that customers always have ongoing needs.

All you must do is learn and work this business very hard in the first month. From then it is downhill. If you give good service to four customers in your portfolio you will be rich with a secure semi-passive income, meaning wealth not just high income. You can then build a team to progress to significant wealth.

This is a high-and residual-income opportunity for those that are strong and confident enough to work alone but as part of a networked supportive team.  The successful we have found start at full speed and do all the learning, preparation and set up in the first month and get the hard part behind them.  The company has been operating in the UK for 12 years. We have a well-established and respected brand. There are various resources to help you in the role. This includes regular online and hotel recruitment trainings, a support portal which contains everything you need to know, including templated messages and phone scripts. Plus, you will have two Managers/Coaches supporting you.

We are looking for people that have business experience in any industry sector in any discipline.  You must have self-employed experience (Or prove to us this is your goal) and be focused on the freedom, independence and wealth building it offers.  You can be based anywhere and can live a ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle if you wish.  Move and you take your income with you.  No commuting costs, no health risks, more time to be productive.

The rewards are tremendous.

1.You will be paid 50% of the sales value on all customers you bring in on an ongoing basis. (Most companies do not even have a margin of that amount. )

2.Additionally, you will receive 10% override on any team member you supervise that we will recruit for you.

3.You will also be paid 10% override on any team member you supervise indirectly reporting to someone you trained and developed.

4.You own the fee rights from your portfolio. This means you are building an asset which you can sell. (To the company or other Partner.)

  1. You are free to employ someone else to work this opportunity with you.

Considering we are potentially supplying you with the clients and the team this is really an exceptional opportunity to build a professional recruitment portfolio of clients.

We have found that this opportunity appeals most to those who always wanted a high degree of freedom. Perhaps always wanted their own business but were put off by risk, lack of capital, or fresh idea in this new market. Also, to those who can leverage their extensive knowledge and experience to gain an effective Pension and Asset towards financial freedom.

All training, materials, software, lead generation, marketing, chatbots, funnels and advertisements are paid for by the company. For clarity there is no joining, franchise, license, or training fee.

The company will also provide quarterly live events in quality hotels in London and Marbella. For training, team building and fun!


  • Place, nurture, and develop new customers in target sectors.
  • Recruit ongoing for those customers. (Frankly, the company does most of the work to source a qualified flow of candidates for you)
  • Develop and build excellent customer service with your clients.

Ideal Profile:

  • 20 Years Plus Business experience.
  • Self-employment/own business experience
  • Self-discipline to be working from a home base.
  • Money hungry.
  • Clear Goals.
  • Positive attitude of determination and stamina to succeed.
  • Personality to develop customer relationships.
  • Linkedin profile with 500+ connections.
  • An Understanding of the ‘Cash Flow Quadrant’ re the book by Robert Kiyosaki.
    And  a desire to be in the B and I Quadrants. .

On application, after reviewing your details we will contact you. Those that we believe may be right for this opportunity we will send to a link with a detailed job description and profile of what it takes to be successful with us, an earning matrix, and a video by our CEO. You will be invited to complete a short personality and motivation questionnaire before a face-to-face meeting with our CEO and Sales Director. These meetings are scheduled from 10am to 4pm every second Friday in a Gatwick Hotel. You will be able to ask any questions.


Extra Details on This Opportunity.

There are many opportunities offering the potential to earn in six figures and build wealth.  Most people search for one that they believe truly offers this potential. However, most of the reality about the earnings potential is with you and not the opportunity itself. The Opportunity is a vehicle to wealth. The main factor is the driver. The high incomes come to those who have the right attitude and work the opportunity. This means determination, ambition, serious money motivation, positivity, and a decision to start fast and hard and to keep working until success is achieved. They never give up and surmount all the initial obstacles, learning, establishment until the ‘secrets; of success are revealed and available.

Most people drift from one opportunity to the other. It is not the opportunities the are wrong it is their attitude. Or they procrastinate the decision to get started with a long list of excuses to themselves.  They maybe lack confidence or self-belief. Perhaps they have never earnt in six figures and struggle to believe it is possible.

We ask you to do a lot of thinking and ask every question about our opportunity. Do so with such detail that once you start you know you are going to do whatever it takes to succeed. The first period in anything new is always the hardest as you move from novice to expert.

The Entrepreneur Mindset

Earning money is clearly explained in the Robert Kiyosaki classic book ‘The Cash Flow Quadrant’. He refers to advice from both a Rich Dad and Poor Dad. It explains in simple terms how money works and how both riches and wealth are achieved. They are different.

The Cash Flow Quadrant explains the four ways to make money categorised as Employee. Self-Employed, Business Owner and Investor. It explains how people are trapped thinking as employees and never make any real money. We are clearly looking at people who are in or aspire to the B and I Quadrants.

In short:

  1. The E Employee

If a person feels fear, then the need for security is an often-used phrase. When it comes to money and jobs there are many people who simply have the feeling of fear that comes with economic uncertainty, hence the desire for security. They want certainty, so they seek the security of a good basic salary. A typical E should reject our offer. They would prefer to compromise and lower the higher income and OTE potential by having a secure basic salary, paid short term. An E will typically borrow against their secure basic to live beyond their means credit cards, car loans, mortgages and thus trap themselves into being an E long term and ironically increase their fear of losing their job. An E is happy to spend his working life building wealth for the owners of the company they work for in return for a secure income.

  1. The S Self-Employed

These people want to be their own boss and like doing things their way. They want their income determined by their own efforts and results. If they work harder and smarter, they expect to be paid more. An S responds to fear not by looking for a fixed basic but by being in charge of their own destiny. They demand and usually get a higher share for their contribution than Employees.  Our 50% income greatly appeals to S type people as it satisfies this goal.

  1. The B Business Owner

Often a development from the S. However, they think longer term and like to delegate the work and have a team to leverage their potential income. They will see themselves as leaders who show best practice and example to effectively train, motivate and gain respect and credibility from their team, A B will love the 50% personal income but be more focused to build their own team and have multiple 10% overrides. They will love the fact that the company will recruit their team for them.

  1. The I Investor

Investors make money from money and assets. They don’t have to work anymore if they so choose and still receive a high income. The I quadrant is where true wealth is accumulated. In our contract each Partner owns the fee rights to the clients that have developed.  (By contrast An E can work in sales for 20 years for  company and when they leave, they stop receiving any reward or commissions). This is an asset which makes our Partners Investors. As a good Investor they want that Asset to be as big as possible producing income for them without their input.

E You have a job.

S You own a job, taking more risk for a bigger share.

B You own a system that makes you money.

I Money works for you and compounds.

If you have not read the Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki, we strongly recommend you do if financial freedom is important to you.

Please look at our Partner Contract and if you have any questions on this please bring it up at you interview.

We would now like you to email the zoom date/time you can make.  We have made clear the opportunity and the sort of person that will succeed with us.  If you come with the right attitude it will work for you.  Following these if it is right for you and you us, we would want a start date from which you can give this your full focus, attention, and determination. We will give induction and senior training,(company paid for) every second Friday of the month in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel Heathrow. Additionally there will be weekly training over Zoom. It is important that you make this date. You will meet both the CEO Alex McMillan and Sales Director David Guy and be trained by them. You will also meet other Partners.

We need you to be ready to start. If you have any delays please arrange the interview time after anything that you have to complete. If we both go ahead then there is a five day foundation action plan to get you to first base.

Joining us as a Partner, we look for your 100% commitment and determined to success attitude. In return we will guarantee your success by working with you very closely until you have a strong base to build real wealth.

Below you will see an expected earnings matrix. You will notice the patterns of increase in earnings. These develop very strongly as you build a team and a portfolio increasing semi-passive income from being far more than an employee. As a Partner you will have a business system working for you and also an asset.  So you can see why I propose to start working very hard and putting the initial learning, foundation development behind you and then focus on building true wealth.

Please contact me to arrange a zoom meeting. Please also bear in mind, should we both want to go ahead, we carry our training in the Radisson Edwardian Heathrow on the second Friday of each month (Paid for by company). It is essential that you are available for this training to get off to a good start.

Expected Earnings: Below Average Performer

Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL
Customers 0 1 2 3 3 4 4
£Rec Sales 0 0 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,000 7,500
£Level 1 Bonus 0 0 0 0 0 500 500
£Level 2 Bonus 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total Earnings £0 £0 £1,000 £1,500 £2,000 £3,500 £8,000
Month/Item 7 8 9 10 11 12 TOTAL
New Customers 4 5 5 6 7 8 8
£Rec Sales 3,500 4,000 4,500 5000 6,000 7,000 37,500
£Level 1 Bonus 500 500 750 1,000 1,000 1,500 5,750
£Level 2 Bonus 0 0 250 250 500 500 1,500
Total Earnings £4,000 £4,500 £5,500 £6,250 £7,500 £9,000 £44,750


Expected Earnings: Above Average Performer

Month/Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL
Customers 1 3 5 7 9 9 9
£Rec Sales 1,000 2,000 3,500 4,500 6,000 7,000 24,000
£Level 1 Bonus 0 0 500 500 1,000 1,500 3,500
£Level 2 Bonus 0 0 0 0 250 250 500
Total Earnings £1,000 £2,000 £4,000 £5,000 £7,250 £8,750 £28,000
Month/Item 7 8 9 10 11 12 TOTAL
Customers 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
£Rec Sales 7,000 7,500 8,500 9,000 9,500 10,000 75,500
£Level 1 Bonus 2,500 4,000 5,500 7,000 8,500 10,500 41,500
£Level 2 Bonus 500 1000 1,500 2,500 3,500 4,000 13,500
Total Earnings £10,000 £12,500 £15,500 £18,500 £21,500 £24,500 £130,500