Alex explains the new paradigm for high income and wealth

Capitalism and Socialism are fading out. Their economic models are built upon assumptions that no longer hold.  The owners get the profits, the employees are there to make profits for the owners and be paid for their time.  They are just an investment commodity.  The employee cost will always be much less than their contribution value otherwise they are let go.  Capitalism fought for the owners and socialism for the employees.

Well now there is a new economic model, the lines between owners and employees are increasingly overlapping.  Those who realise this and take advantage are getting very wealthy, and you can to.  Yes, the new Success Movers are paid far more for their contribution, and they also take a share of the responsibility and burden of owners.

Many are moving to this new paradigm where they are owner/employees.  They share in the risks but not actually put any money in.   In return they earn double or even triple for the same productivity of an old model business AND a residual.

If you still want that basic, you have to accept half pay and to be made redundant after one bad month.

Those who are hardworking, confident, skilled and think longer term, should go for wealth and become owner/employees. With a much better deal.

In our business we call these people Success Movers, Self-employed Sales Associates.  They neither want to put money in at risk like owners, but neither to they draw out money just for serving time.  In return they earn considerably more and also have a growing asset in the employment. An asset that does not require them to wait until age 65 to draw upon.  This asset is the most important part that few fully comprehend although it is a simple idea.

A “Financial Asset “is something that gives you an unearned passive income from your initial enterprise, hard work, results.  In Capitalism this can be called shares, dividends, partnership, equity, royalty, capital gain.  Employees when they leave a company receive nothing of this, all of their contribution goes to the shareholders.

Now, you can become an old model capitalist and set up your own business.  But then you have got capital to invest, start-up costs and to trade with no brand, testimonials, online resources, infrastructure no one to do all the accounting VAT legal paperwork.

As an Owner/Employee you have got an established brand, proven products, training, marketing support, peer support and a system that works.  Above all no money in.   Massively less risk for considerably more income and that all-important growing ASSET through a residual.  You just need top think longer term and build a strong foundation and find ways to get over the initial lean period.

I want:

To be my own boss.
To work from where and when I want.
A fair share of profits I contribute.

To be Success Mover, a Self-employed Sales Associate.

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