We in Success Moves Sales focus on Self-employed sales positions that offer a six figure plus income.

We do not take on anybody as clients. We guarantee our results, so we must make sure people we place with them succeed.

This means we look very carefully at:

  1. Their leadership and vision.
  2. Sales training and coaching
  3. Sales materials, manual, PowerPoints, brochures etc.
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Brand Marketing
  6. A high margin ideally with a residual that realistically supports six figure sales income.
  7. A product or service that is in growth in this post Covid world economy.
  8. Administrative Support

All these need to be in place before we will take them on as a client.


As such we are only looking for and can help candidates who:

  1. Are seeking high income as their top goal.
  2. Already have sales experience to offer.
  3. Want a self-employed opportunity/their own business.

We all know that in sales the highest income goes to those who are paid on results, but only in suitable companies that have a formula for success. We also know that the highest earners are those that own their own business.

Our mission is to offer people the income, freedom, and wealth of owning your own business without any of the financial risk, investment, administration or dealing with stock.