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It ‘Aint Over Until I Win

Job hunting is exactly like selling, and like any success it is all about overcoming the negatives and persevering until you get what you want.

Rejection, setback, disappointment, frustration, criticism. You’ve got to take all of these on a daily basis in selling and win through. Success is all about dealing with negatives. I have a friend Billy Schwer who achieved the world boxing title (See our You Tube channel). Wow did he had have some strong rejections, like being knocked unconscious in front of a large audience amplified through TV, waking up in a hospital!  He got back up and kept pursuing his dream until he achieved it. Decide your dream and don’t give up. Let every setback teach you how to be a better you. Avoid the temptation to blame others. After all as Frank Sinatra once said,  “The best form of Revenge is Massive Success!”