You are ambitious, want to learn a lot of money. You crave success, love sales but don’t know where to start and how to get ahead.

My channel gives you the answers but let me give you a live example.

Richard Lowden started with me as Trainee Sales in my Gatwick office, (when he was 20-year-old. He had no degree, no previous sales experience.  In fact, he just had average talent.  Today he is CEO of Green Motion International with major operations in 40 countries, turning over many multi million of sales.  Green Motion rent out tens of thousands of cars and are disrupting the car rental industry from old ways with challenges and innovations.  They are obsessively green, hence the name.  Yet also they are pioneering the use of technology, such as streaming the whole rental process from start to end on your smart phone.  They will probably be the first which driverless cars on their rental fleet and are preparing for it now.  They think ahead.

What sets Richard apart is not his background, skills and talent. He did not make a sales success with me in the first week, nor the first month or even the first quarter.  He did not complain though and kept going like a machine.  What it is can be summed up in one single word. The word is Attitude.  Behind it was a real determination to have build wealth, make a difference and succeed in business whatever it took.  He worked all hours.  At 6 am in the morning he is already well into his day.  Working for me he was never late. In fact, he was first to arrive, last to leave. During the day he was and is focused on his goals, you cannot digress him. He does not waste a second. He said to me Alex each day is precious you can never get it back.  Even now I have to struggle to reach him on the phone!

This is a real person, real success. You can visit him and review his profile on Linkedin or go to to see their international presence. He used to work for my recruitment and training company.  Now Green Motion employs my company to work for him!

It is not easy to be successful, he met obstacles, rejections and frankly people who envied his success and naysayers who said he was a dreamer. That does not change. You have to have a permanent attitude to expect failure, rejection and a load of negative stuff and people along the way. If you have the right attitude though you will see through it.

So, in your next job are you going to be first in last out with an attitude to take all the negative and persevere. And one day be a great success like Richard.   Or are you going to give up and drop out as soon as the pressure is on.  Your choice. Your destiny is determined by the attitude you decide to have now.

Hope to see you on one of our recruitment days, who knows we might get you a job with Green Motion.  We will do whatever we can to help you along your path to success.

Thank you for visiting Success Moves

Alex McMillan


Is it really possible to start in sales as a trainee, without a degree, experience behind you, contacts etc and earn over six figures in year one.  Yes it is, because sales is the only profession where you are totally judged on your results, hard work and achievements.  Other professions you have to spend years qualifying, earning respect of superiors and climb the ladder of promotion.  On this video I give you a specific example of success.  Please visit to see the company Richard now owns and is leading.