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How to Cope with Rejection and Come Back Fighting

Many Sales Managers believe, from their experience, that the most important trait a successful sales person needs is the ability to deal with rejection. At an interview a coping strategy for rejection is even more important because it is far more personal. In this blog I set out some techniques, attitudes and advice to help you bounce back.

When you were rejected in the past it is probably because of one of the following. So my first advice is to get your act as prepared as possible before your next interview:

a) Personal chemistry not an appropriate match for the corporate culture. Do you fit into the team? In this scenario, which is actually the most common one, you are often better off being rejected as it is not the right company for you. You need to make sure you’re applying to the right jobs.
b) You do not have clear well-formed S.M.A.R.T. goals that matched what they were offering. Revisit your goals and know exactly what you want to achieve by when and why.
c) Attitude not positive and determined enough. People always want their sales staff to be upbeat, achievement focused and positive as this sells more than any technique.
d) Clear crisp communication. If you talk in slang, a strong accent or with a monotone it will put interviewers off.
e) Smart appearance. Some people really do not understand that looking smart, well groomed and dressed is an absolute essential for any sales position.
f) A positive fun personality. People buy people first and wherever else second, so interviewers will look for a fun lively personality that is interesting to talk to. For this reason recruiters look and probe on interests more than most interviewees might think. What have you done that is adventurous?
g) You asked questions that put them off as to your real motivations. Your questions focused on the basic, hours of work, more than the career prospects, progression, market, management and potential earnings.
h) You lacked a track record showing stability, direction and accomplishment. Be careful of trying your best at something and then dropping out, you need to be careful of building a stable and progressive CV showing achievement, persistence, determination etc not giving up.
i) They doubted your honesty and integrity. No quality company wants liars representing their brand. Answer questions honestly, not with what you think they want to hear. If you have something negative in your background talk about what you learnt from it and how you have changed.
j) You lack sales skills. For new people this is less of a criterion than you might think. The reason being sales skills can be taught. Attitude and personality less so. They may well look though for a natural sales ability, ease with people.
k) You did not close, you waited to hear. Why would anyone want a sales person who cannot close a deal? Your job at interview is to decide if you want the job or not and if you do, get the offer out of them then and there.

In interviewing, like in sales itself, the reality is for every 100 contacts you make the majority will say no whatever you are selling. Therefore, you are hearing more rejection than success, a balance in the wrong direction that needs addressing.

If you are rejected at a sales job here is some simple techniques and reminders to help.
1. See ‘rejection’ as a learning experience. Decide that whatever happens you will always get a benefit from every interview. That can be many things; feedback, pointers, advice, referrals, experience. Find out why you were rejected.
2. If the job is exactly what you are looking for keep pitching. If they reject you turn it around. If it was a marginal decision that just might get you to a yes. I have seen this happen many many times.
3. Realise that every person looking for jobs gets far more rejections than offers. If it is not recoverable move fast to the next one.
4. No sales person should ever be unemployed. Every company wants to increase their sales, so there are always plenty of prospects. You only need one job!
5. Make direct applications to whom you would like to work for. Don’t just apply to advertised jobs. Cut out the middle men and go straight to the companies you would like to work for.
6. Listen every day to motivational and educational products like Tony Robbins or Les Brown. These will keep you positive and focused. Just listen free on You Tube.
7. Read a little of a good book daily. Improve your knowledge and skills constantly.
8. Avoid negative people, never look for sympathy and never listen to someone who thinks that you cannot achieve your goals and earn your fortune.
9. As Winston Churchill said to achieve victory, never, never, never give up on your goals until you have achieved them.
10. Decide to be a great success, trying your best is already accepting the possibility of failure.
11. Realise that when you have a track record of achieving high sales, it will all be about companies trying to talk you into working for them not the other way around. So focus when you are given a good opportunity on over delivering and building a powerful CV and reputation.

Good luck and good job hunting!

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Market Update 2021

The market is moving and throughout the Success Moves Partnership we are experiencing changing market demands.

Firstly there are sectors that are strongly growing in terms of wanting to recruit sales people. The highest enquiries we receive are from companies in the following areas; Green Technology, Energy, Payment systems, On and offline marketing, Software, Market Research. Interestingly, the type of opportunity and location is changing. We are receiving more enquiries from companies across England not just predominantly in the London area. The nature of the company is often very high growth entrepreneurial, often with a need for Field Sales Agents based around the UK.

Trainee sales positions are on the rise as well. We find that many believe that the youthful energy and enthusiasm coupled with a natural sales ability can sometimes beat those with more experience. This has led to more activity in our Training operation. Additionally, we have been called in to develop sales manuals and write sales scripts for clients setting up new sales teams.

Another trend is the growth in companies enquiring about outsourcing. Where we at Success Moves Partnership set up a sales department on behalf of a client company and run it ourselves. These positions will always include our full ongoing training and development services as we usually charge clients purely on results.
We at Success Moves Partnership are now recruiting sales consultants to exploit these growing opportunities and anyone interested should email their CV to

Looking at those who are successful at interview and those who are not there are clear differences.
The winners:
1. Have clear goals when asked.
2. Answer honestly and not what they think the interviewer wants to hear.
3. Come over strong and confident.
4. Re-pitch rather than asking for feedback.
5. Close like a true sales person and ask for the job rather than ‘wait to hear’.

Confidence at interview is another issue. So reacting to this I have personally uploaded a video and some techniques to help, it really is simple to overcome lack of confidence. We find that recruitment can be a stressful uncertain time. Dealing with rejection is part of the territory of the sales person. However, when it is for a company most of us don’t take it personally. On the other hand at interview there is a real danger in an applicant taking it personally. It is you that is being sold, not some product or service. This can lead to a drop in confidence, self believe and self-esteem. Sometimes this is much worse a totally giving up and animosity of all those who have been offered jobs or companies that have done the rejecting. This negative spiral must be avoided at all costs as once started it tends to do just that and spiral down. Then that person will come over as negative and have limited chance of success. Nobody want to employ someone with a negative or bad attitude. Most companies now have suffered internet flaming from people they have made redundant or been rejected at interview. So increasingly they wish to keep their details confidential to the last minute. Flaming on the internet may seem easy and without penalty but increasingly companies are taking action against the perpetrators. Job boards can remove candidates details and block them from applications. Once that happened you are really in trouble. Also any new company of it sees someone flaming an old employer they are hardly likely to want to recruit you. We increasingly at Success Moves find that clients ask to remain confidential, in fact it is part of their motivation to use an intermediary.

So ensure you take action to ensure that you stay positive between jobs. I have seen it with my own daughter how stressful it can be. I know it might be easier said than done. So I am planning some materials to help with this.

Importantly you must remember that EVERYONE gets rejected. Most of our greatest successes that have have placed have been rejected many times before they were successful. It often only means that someone else just fitted more with that particular company. Often people are rejected because they are too good. Can be lots of reasons. The trick is to keep relentlessly applying until you are successful. As Churchill said Never Never Never give up. If you have well thought out goals that motivate you they will determine a clear target market and when you meet the right employer it will all happen. After all you only need one offer, as long as it is the right one.
If you have any challenges related to the content of this blog please feel free to email me at

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Why the Interview Process Day Works

The Success Moves Partnership Interview Process Days work well for employers for a simple reason. We get to see the real person and judge them on their skills, attitude and goals now. It is not just about answering interview questions. We get people to prove their skills live not just claim them on a CV or interview. So to prepare the best advice is to be yourself, know where you are going and come to the event early with a positive attitude. Sales success is about goals, determination, passion, confidence and communication skills. That is what we are assessing relative to a specific client’s requirements.

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The Magic Question

The Magic question you must ask at the end of the interview is.

“Is there anything about me that holds you back from offering the position?”

It is magic because if there is anything on their mind you have just given them the opportunity to bring it up now and you will get a shot at dealing with it. If you don’t a negative thought will fester and they will not offer. It is also magic because the later part fop the question presupposes they are considering offering you. The whole question of course shows you are keen and everyone wants to offer someone that is keen to work for them.