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It ‘Aint Over Until I Win

Job hunting is exactly like selling, and like any success it is all about overcoming the negatives and persevering until you get what you want. Rejection, setback, disappointment, frustration, criticism. You’ve got to take all of these on a daily basis in selling and win through. Success is all about dealing with negatives. I have […]

Success Moves in Mysterious Ways

“Sometimes pursuing your vision means that you will have to ignore others’ warnings and even jeers.”  Sir Richard Branson. When you succeed and win a job offer you will probably be surprised at how even those close to you react negatively. Sometimes they are giving good advice as they know you. Sometimes they are using […]

Who Are You?

Tell me about yourself ?

Take a few moments to explain your career ambitions, do it now. Just write what comes in to your head, don’t stop to think.

Now with a collection of highlight pens I want you to go through your writing and do the following:

Highlight all uses of the past tense with one colour pen.
Use a different colour pen for the present tense and the future tense.
Which is your most common tense, Future? Past? or Present?
Now with a different set of colours I would like you to highlight the sensory system you used.

For visual words that suggest pictures colour one colour.
For feeling and auditory words use a different colour
Which is your most common sensory system?
These are just two of the patterns that will appear in your thoughts around your career. Do you realise now how much you are restricted by them?

The Right Company for You

All companies have a culture whether they know it, designed it, or it just evolved. So when you join one be aware you are joining a cult. And like any cult there will be formal and informal group behaviour rules. These rules will govern a value system, how to behave in certain circumstances, even a dress code. If you don’t know the rules you are unlikely to survive let alone prosper. My eighteen years in career consultancy has shown me that time and time again career success goes to those who fit best into the cult.

CV Techniques

A CV is essentially a sales document. It needs to stand out in a pile, as the one worth calling in for interview. A good CV design also improves your chances of a higher starting salary. Managers invariably look at them when deciding value.

Negotiation Tips

The following list represents the techniques and beliefs applied by the most successful job hunters. Read this list and think about each one before an important salary negotiation.