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Culture Clash – Beware

Corporate Culture – How to swim with sharks   All companies have a culture whether they know it, designed it, or it just evolved. So, when you join one be aware you are joining a cult. And like any cult there will be formal and informal group behaviour rules. These rules will govern a value […]

How to Earn Six Figures

This blog is for those in sales who want to earn over six figures. Here I share a strategy to achieve that based upon my own personal experience and by observation of the highest performers. Rule Number 1: Really Mean It and Take Responsibility This is actually 90% of it. Do you really want to […]

How to Cope with Rejection and Come Back Fighting

Many Sales Managers believe, from their experience, that the most important trait a successful sales person needs is the ability to deal with rejection. At an interview a coping strategy for rejection is even more important because it is far more personal. In this blog I set out some techniques, attitudes and advice to help […]

Are you Destined to High Income as a Stockbroker?

Stockbrokers we visit often tell us their frustrations on recruitment, saying a typical dialogue might be as follows: “I have always wanted to be a broker” Ok, so you know what a CFD is, the difference between a forward and future contract, the difference between a stock and a share, an option, derivative, candlestick, swap? […]

Apprentice Scheme Success Moves

We at Success Moves have used our sales skills to create vacancies in companies and secure openings for people. Sales is a great area to be creative because a good sales person is self-funding for the employer. We are always looking at ways to give young people their break to prove themselves. Many of them […]

Market Update 2021

The market is moving and throughout the Success Moves Partnership we are experiencing changing market demands. Firstly there are sectors that are strongly growing in terms of wanting to recruit sales people. The highest enquiries we receive are from companies in the following areas; Green Technology, Energy, Payment systems, On and offline marketing, Software, Market […]

Success Moves Recruitment Review

A Review of the Sales Recruitment Market The number of vacancies is rising consistently. There are many ways to target the right job for you. Registering on job boards and applying to adverts online are the two main ones. This blog makes a recruitment review of the alternatives. Let us assume that you have clearly […]

Why the Interview Process Day Works

The Success Moves Partnership Interview Process Days work well for employers for a simple reason. We get to see the real person and judge them on their skills, attitude and goals now. It is not just about answering interview questions. We get people to prove their skills live not just claim them on a CV […]

Interactive Software to help your Job Hunting

On a recent recruitment event feedback on this website suggested that it would be of more value if interactive software was available. This could be a personality profile or an analysis of what type of sales person you are. Perhaps some NLP styled questionnaires to see if you are more visual, auditory or feeling oriented.  […]

Success Moves Affiliate

Want to earn some extra cash part time? As a Success Moves Affiliate we pay £300 for any introduction you give us. Paid on first receipt from the client. This is just for an introduction, give us the name and number of someone you know who might need our services from any source you have.  […]