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We at Success Moves have used our sales skills to create vacancies in companies and secure openings for people. Sales is a great area to be creative because a good sales person is self-funding for the employer. We are always looking at ways to give young people their break to prove themselves. Many of them have gone on to be very successful, some have moved into management and some have even started up their own business.

We are always looking for new innovations which is why we have launched our “Interview Success Secrets” free seminar open to all. Designed to help candidates because we know the job offer often in the final shortlist goes to who sells themselves the best.

As a business that has employed many young people with our clients through the recession, we are very supportive of the current Apprentice scheme of the UK Government. It really has had a lot of thought and quality innovations behind it. For example, it includes people of all ages, not just young people which is the main focus. It is also structured in a way to make everyone a winner and give the opportunity to smaller firms to help our young people develop their careers with that valuable and much needed work experience.

It has been designed excellently and ties in practical and worthwhile work experience with learning and professional development. We believe that employment linked to learning is the best formula for career progression. I, and my partner, are both qualified in teaching and have been involved directly in such programmes.

As members of the FSB (Federation of Small Business) I attended a local meeting with FSB executives and also Henry Smith MP who shares an office address with us.

The young lady we have employed as an apprentice has surprised us with all of the office based skills she has despite not having the experience. The result is that her work responsibilities have grown very fast indeed at a pace in line with her own willingness to learn and contribute. She is also a great example of how positive an attitude and enterprise our young people have. In fact she has contributed ideas that are now our policy.

We actively suggest to businesses that they take on an Apprentice and give back and provide opportunities. Our young people have grown up in a credit crunch recession that was none of their making with greatly reduced job opportunities. When I cannot appeal to companies just on altruistic motives I do so on the basis that they can make a strong contribution to their business. For us at Success Moves the contribution from taking on an Apprentice was significantly more than we envisaged.

The Apprentice scheme is strongly connected to local colleges. In fact, on a continual basis your business will be closely monitored for all range of measures including from health and safety, quality standards etc. to qualify for the contract.

We believe in helping young people, in jobs, learning and career development. We always welcome constructive ideas to help.