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How to Earn Six Figures

This blog is for those in sales who want to earn over six figures. Here I share a strategy to achieve that based upon my own personal experience and by observation of the highest performers.

Rule Number 1: Really Mean It and Take Responsibility
This is actually 90% of it. Do you really want to earn over £100,000 per annum in sales?
Do you really?
No, I mean it, do you really?

I did not say receive £100,000 for minimum effort, like win the lottery. I said earn it. Because believe me earning six figures is a high yet achievable level of success.I know through our placements over the years many people who have progressed and are now earning six figures. The majority though didn’t make it and they spend their time blaming. Blaming the recruiter, their employer, the market, the economy, the government, their friends. Anyone and anything apart from themselves.

The difference between success and failure is whether you take responsibility or whether you blame. Successful people by taking personal responsibility empower themselves. Think about it, if all those other things are to blame it is very difficult for you to change them. You can change yourself though. You can learn from mistakes, rejection, find solutions to problems. It is all feedback giving you clues to where lies the path to success. People who are serious about earning six figures take responsibility. Whatever happens they were and are in charge. Every setback, obstacles, rejection and failure points them forward. And if you aren’t going forward you are going backwards if winning is your goal.

The successful know that the decision for success is something they have to make. I hear this so often and then someone drops out of a job after 1 week. They weren’t serious, first sign of pressure. Building fear of rejection, whatever and they give up and run!

Rule Number 2: Believe you can.
Believe of anything is a specific way you have made up your mind. Do you believe the sun will rise tomorrow morning? Well, that is the sort of internal process and filing you need to keep your belief that you can earn over £100K in sales. When you have that level of conviction that the two are on par then you have a strong belief in yourself. So when the rejections come you just see at as steps to success. Rather than the majority who give up. Too much effort, pressure.They jump jobs looking for the easy life, they usually keep jumping, going around in circles, whilst others progress throughout the tough parts.

Rule Number 3: Get Educated
This is not a one off course or training but a continual process to continually learn and develop your skills. Listen to CDs free on You Tube, all the top gurus are on there Les Brown, Tiny Robbins, Zig Ziglar. You can also go to our You Tube Channel. Buy books on Amazon, especially mine, try Advanced Selling for Beginners. If you cannot afford it you can get it free on Get earplugs for your phone and listen on the way to work EVERY morning.

Rule Number 4: Get in the Right Sector
Some sectors are on an up most are on a down or holding their own. Pick a sector in growth. Then pick one that is favourably disposed to sales people and offers high income. If they even talk of capping commissions don’t even consider being employed by them. If they offer you an attractive basic with a tiny commission again don’t consider them.

Rule Number 5: Get in the Right Company for you
Few consider this on interview but most who succeed are a good fit for the company they joined. Their values are in line, they get on well and identify with the leaders of the enterprise. So, when on interview look at the boss and ask yourself. Does this person inspire motivate me, Do they talk sense? Do I admire them? Do I feel I would belong here?

Rule Number 6: Work hard and smart
Never be late, never waste selling time, never talk negative, never mix with negative people. Instead, keep focused on your goal which means working hard and smart consistently. The final never is of course, never give up on your goal of earning six figures. Never.

Whatever it is that you want print out picture get it on your wall at home, in the office, on your PC screensaver, on your mobile screensaver. Programme yourself for success. Ensure every influence around you is a positive one moving you forward towards your goal.