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Why the Interview Process Day Works

The Success Moves Partnership Interview Process Days work well for employers for a simple reason. We get to see the real person and judge them on their skills, attitude and goals now. It is not just about answering interview questions. We get people to prove their skills live not just claim them on a CV or interview. So to prepare the best advice is to be yourself, know where you are going and come to the event early with a positive attitude. Sales success is about goals, determination, passion, confidence and communication skills. That is what we are assessing relative to a specific client’s requirements.

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Interactive Software to help your Job Hunting

On a recent recruitment event feedback on this website suggested that it would be of more value if interactive software was available. This could be a personality profile or an analysis of what type of sales person you are. Perhaps some NLP styled questionnaires to see if you are more visual, auditory or feeling oriented. 

Always keen to put on the website what is of value. So please email me any ideas that you have.