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Want to earn some extra cash part time? As a Success Moves Affiliate we pay £300 for any introduction you give us. Paid on first receipt from the client. This is just for an introduction, give us the name and number of someone you know who might need our services from any source you have.  We will do all the following up. If you want to arrange the sales visit we have a higher level of remuneration. Later on, if you wish you can progress this to higher incomes and be involved in the sales and account management. For example, we pay a much higher rate if you got the introduction to the level of a visit. Just send your leads to or call 0203-6759099 for further details. This will register that contact against your name, unless of course they are already a client!

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It ‘Aint Over Until I Win

Job hunting is exactly like selling, and like any success it is all about overcoming the negatives and persevering until you get what you want.

Rejection, setback, disappointment, frustration, criticism. You’ve got to take all of these on a daily basis in selling and win through. Success is all about dealing with negatives. I have a friend Billy Schwer who achieved the world boxing title (See our You Tube channel). Wow did he had have some strong rejections, like being knocked unconscious in front of a large audience amplified through TV, waking up in a hospital!  He got back up and kept pursuing his dream until he achieved it. Decide your dream and don’t give up. Let every setback teach you how to be a better you. Avoid the temptation to blame others. After all as Frank Sinatra once said,  “The best form of Revenge is Massive Success!”

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Success Moves in Mysterious Ways

“Sometimes pursuing your vision means that you will have to ignore others’ warnings and even jeers.”  Sir Richard Branson.

When you succeed and win a job offer you will probably be surprised at how even those close to you react negatively. Sometimes they are giving good advice as they know you. Sometimes they are using this as an excuse. Our advice is to stick to YOUR goals and relentlessly pursue achieving them. The best way is to write down your goals, values and beliefs BEFORE you go to an interview. Then refer to it. If what is on offer matches go for it. If not move on. Staying the course is wasting your time, the company’s and denying someone else the opportunity which is right for them.