Success Moves Licensee Prospectus

1. The Opportunity:
Massive opportunity to join a growing network of partners in an international sales recruitment company.  We have innovative proven products and very low fixed costs. We do not need offices.   The traditional recruitment industry is operating in the same pre-Internet way.  We offer a unique assessment day service (explained fully later) that offers customers far more with greater success of their new people. 

We have eliminated and reduced all sorts of costs, whilst increasing value to customers and of course your margin.  The market for remote salespeople is huge, growing rapidly and little served. Companies always will want more sales, especially if it can be mainly financed on results.  Facebook and Linkedin give us candidate access instantly to any geographical, sector, industry, demographic and psychographic.  You can supply local customers for remote personnel through our network.  Recruitment is lucrative and we can scale fast internationally and easily recruit suitable Associates. We have key allies now in Amsterdam, Bangalore, Miami waiting to start.

2. History:
It was in 2008 that Success Moves recruitment started.  We focused on sales recruitment in the investment industry. We were different from the start.  Alex had worked personally as a freelance sales trainer for stockbrokers mainly in Frankfurt, witnessed a constant employee churn of new people. This led to us developing a recruitment day product with far better filtering and setting up of new recruits for success. It was very successful.  We ran the first recruitment day events in a Gatwick hotel for positions in Germany with British companies.  We have never had to employ expensive recruitment consultants as our system processes everyone for the customer. Massive cost elimination whilst actually improving service.

This lead product now called the ‘Interview Process Day’ we developed in the UK mainly in investment brokers that had a constant need for salespeople, offered very high income and were regular repeat customers.  We had 73 investment broker clients through our system and placed over a 1,000 people with them.

Meanwhile we opened a London Gatwick office and employed sales staff of our own on a self-employed paid on results formula. It worked well. Dan Brown joined at this time 7 years ago and is now key in supporting Licensees.

We also pioneered other recruitment products such as the Sales Partnership Contract where we recruited self-employed, often remote salespeople for an initial fixed fee and then a percentage of sales.  Again, quite a success. 

Massive opportunities exist in complimentary recruitment (accountancy, tech) and support services (training, coaching), for the future. Our focus and strength for now is in the sales area.

3. Advantages of a Success Moves Licence
There are plenty of companies out there who will buy the Interview Process Day product in your area. This is because it offers them far more benefits.  Although we recruit for all formulas, very few sales recruiters will touch Remotes, Commission Only or Business Opportunities, so very limited competition. We can do this effectively and it allows a company to scale with minimum finance.

We have now developed marketing and paid advertising processes to develop new business. On visits we have had a 1 in 3 conversion rate.

We are an Internet/remote company.  You do not need an office to operate and grow. Nor do you need anyone on a fixed income. This eliminates and reduces unnecessary costs and risks increasing your profit.

4. Strengths and Opportunities

•        Interview Process Day tried, tested and best product on market.

•        Low fixed costs and risk with an Internet business model.

•        Forty per cent profit margin.

•        Fast to profit and very scalable.

•        Growing demand for remotes internationally.

•        Able to recruit for high paying jobs in low cost regions.

•        Established websites and social media.

•        Growing demand for self-employment which we supply.

•        Global markets and international connections.

•        Commission only sales recruitment always popular, especially in a recession.

5. The Future
Our vision is to expand a network of Partners and Associates in the UK and globally.  Clearly the early movers will be in a beneficial position.  Bangalore, Berlin, Amsterdam, Washington, Miami are specific targets where we already have interested parties under discussion.  This means we can expand and still never need to pay for offices. Very low risk, easy management and profitable growth.  It also means we can always compete on price as the established competitors have high office and basic salary costs. They are focused on expensive recruiters clinging to an outdated business model.

We sell our services in what marketers call a ‘Blue Ocean’ environment.  Not the ‘Red Ocean’ full of sharks fighting for each customer but where we operate in clear waters.  We have created a new way to recruit offering far more service whilst reducing costs significantly. We, despite the much higher margin, can actually charge premium prices, making it even more profitable.

We have studied digital marketing extensively to solve our key challenges. We have taken on a SaaS product to develop lead magnets, sales funnels, animated videos and our own app. We will keep ahead with tech.

As a business owner you should also be concerned as to increase in capital value of your business from the original investment.  It will rise in resell value immediately. You can sell it and realise the gain, but we would prefer you use that knowledge, skills etc in developing more licensed locations. 

6. The Interview Process Day Product Explained
Our lead product is the Interview Process Day.  We trawl a group of sales candidates in a hotel venue for a specific client.  We put them through role plays and tests eliminating as we go. At the end of the day we interview the short list with the client.  They take who they want.  Customers always become, ‘raving fans’.

We now either charge this as a standard rate fixed fee of 25% of starting salary per person. Or a lower amount but with an ongoing override on people placed. Each deal depends on specific circumstances. In all cases customers pay a deposit.

We can run Interview Process Days for multiples, one-person, senior juniors, commission only, remotes, nationally and internationally, whatever they want.  We have recruited and ran Interview Process Days all over the UK. (Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, Southampton, Maidstone, Exeter, Bristol, Southampton, Chester, Manchester, Edinburgh, Coventry, Nottingham,).

The Interview Process Day offers more service at a lower price and increases retention rates because the recruitment process is more professional and thorough.  The role plays etc, have been improved considerably since the start.  We have and are focused on sales, yet we could offer the product in other disciplines. We automate the whole process. We do not read CVs, interview one to one, call back and forth to arrange interviews.

7. Marketing
There are four targets:

1.       Immediate sales

2.       Longer term monthly repeated orders customers

3.       Promotion of brand.

4.       Building our sales professional community database, especially in Commission Only/Remotes/Self-employed.

Online marketing today is sophisticated and provides choices and analysis far more than offline ever did.  On Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook our 3 main portals of interest PPC means we can target exactly whom we want, and only pay when they visit our landing page, where we capture their email.  Linkedin and Facebook allow us to immediately offer our products in any region, country and demographic.  We will build you a local database.

Linkedin is of prime importance here as the main portal for business. It started as a recruitment portal.  YouTube is important as video gets people to feel that they know, like and trust you.  It has also currently got by far the best value advertising (according to leading gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk and Jon Penberthy)

The prospects we are targeting are all exclusive ongoing constant need clients. This is one of the reasons why we like to recruit self-employed remotes, as it enables often 100+ vacancies and allows companies to scale. We can recruit worldwide giving us a much larger talent pool access. We are especially targeting a subscription model. I.e. A set-up fee with an override on people placed ongoing.

Candidates and clients overlap, all part of the sales community. Candidates become clients, clients become candidates, and both can recommend us in both capacities. What we offer is quite different to other sales recruitment companies, who don’t even touch self-employed/remotes. We are destined to be the known and leading brand to all sales professionals. 

8. Websites
Our main website is  You will have your own section as required on this.  We have several niched websites all with established SEO rankings. Niched areas but also for sales funnels.,,,

We have a separate website to process candidates to our events.  We use a system, largely automated to process them from advertisement to arriving on the day.

9. Sales and Recruitment Funnels
We have sales funnels already set up, complete with free downloadable eBooks, landing pages, etc.  All it needs is a link and paid advertising specifically to your location.  This is included in your license fee investment until you have exceeded the sales of your license fee and at least 3 months.

Marketing at local level is for paid adverts to feed the funnels that are now set up and working. A lot of work went into understanding online funnels for our market and getting them in place.  Centre will regularly produce content, eBooks for lead magnets, YouTube videos, blogs all to feed our brand and to provide as much online content as possible. Research clearly shows prospects do extensive reading, watching and listening both before and after they talk to companies.

10. National and International Accounts
We also have some national accounts and as we build these you will have immediate income potential.

For example:

We have a contract to supply BBX Ltd. ongoing salespeople and then Accounts Managers, all over the UK and abroad. We have a contract with BBXUK for 100 salespeople where we are paid £1,000 per person plus 10% override ongoing on their results.  We are also BBX members meaning we can help you with preferred suppliers in your location. is an international investment club where we promote events to sign up new members.  They operate in all regions of UK and most countries.  We have a joint venture contract with (The Investment Club Network) to build clubs where we get a profit share of courses sold and a share in each new club formed. As a licensee you have an immediate opportunity to supply attendees to our events.  

11. Marketing Spend
Most of this we do for you at centre at cost. The initial license fee covers all marketing until you have more sales than your investment.

1. Adverts on Linkedin, Facebook and You Tube for clients and applicants.

2. Social media regular postings.

3. Multiple online sales funnels.

4. Candidate funnels.

6. Free downloadable eBooks to feed funnels and capture emails.

7. Building and marketing of own databases.

8. Promotion at events.

9. Articles, blogs, interviews.

10. Attendance on marketing courses.

11. Tangible branded products such as pens/pads/bags.

The above is referring to your local activities. Additionally, Centre will be carrying out all of these activities for the group.

12. Finance plan
We have structured the business for the digital age making it very low risk through low fixed costs. It is also low risk as we have ironically replaced salespeople with online marketing which is cheaper and more reliable.  Our clients always pay a deposit, are exclusive with us and have ongoing business.  Furthermore, we have a unique low-cost product offering that reduces costs significantly and also put us in a ‘Blue Ocean’ environment meaning we are not concerned about competition.

1.       You will not have office or basic salary costs.

2.       We can easily recruit experienced Associates who do not have to find their own leads, just service them.

3.       We neither need salespeople or recruiters, both of whom are very expensive.

You are free to open an office and employ staff. It could be practical depending on local costings.

13. Centre personnel support
We can help you recruit sales associates who would be paid 20% on sales receipts for sales and account management.

Do bear in mind that as the network of partners/licensees increases, the interest and value of each business increases.

We provide at centre.

1. Internal Recruiter. 

2.Social Media Manager

3.Operations Manager

4.General Manager

5. Tech Manager

14. Fee receipts paid out as follows.
Everyone you employee we suggest you pay on a percentage of cash receipts to eliminate risk.  (There is an argument that a more traditional route is cheaper.)  We help you with your recruitment.  Always worked as we start with a deposit.

10%            Marketing. Opening (5% lead, 5% getting visit)

10%            Closing

10%            Account management includes presenting at events.

10%            Recruiter/Admin, assisting on events

10%            Centre Management fees

5%              Centre Marketing Fees

5%              Manager override of other Associates

40%            Your profit margin

Next Steps:

License Fees are from £12,000 including VAT depending on City.  There is a renewal fee of £1,200 annually only if sales are less than £75,000.

To take it further contact me personally Alex McMillan on 07525916574