Success Moves – Licensee

A Business of Your Own. Investment from £20,000 + VAT

Turn your passion for building business into a low risk profitable enterprise by partnering with Success Moves in your city.  An exciting opportunity in the lucrative recruitment industry.

You will be trained and licensed to visit, close deals, manage and run our innovative sales acceleration recruitment events in a specific area.

You will get exclusive access to all of our resources, network, sales funnels, and all the support that you will need in order to become a successful network partner.

Success Moves has an established brand whose time has come. We operate in what marketers call a ‘Blue Ocean’ environment.  We have changed and are changing the way that the recruitment industry works.  We do not employ expensive recruitment consultants.  Instead we have an efficient, mostly automated system with a unique assessment day recruitment solution. We operate at far lower fixed costs and therefore have a much higher margin. We offer more service than competitors and a far greater success rate of placements.

Alex McMillan, the founder of Success Moves, has a mission to enable people to own their own business in a safe secure way whilst maximising potential profit, keeping risks to a minimum.   On Amazon you will see his several published books on sales and entrepreneurship.  We are now scaling the business and opening the Success Moves Licensee and Associates Programmes.

By co-branding with Success Moves, you will benefit from the credibility, the growing network, establishment and support.

  • Capitalize on the proven system and utilise our unique product offering to help companies with their sales growth.
  • Enjoy high margins through our digital structure and business model that has eliminated and reduced unnecessary costs, increasing margins.
  • Enjoy our efficient and cost-effective sales funnel lead generation facility that cost effectively finds you leads for only long-term repeat order exclusive clients.

You will be licensed to promote and run our unique recruitment events in your designated city.  Cities are available in locations both in the UK, Europe USA, Australia and Asia.

You will get exclusive access to materials, facilitator guides, and all the support that you will need in order to become a successful certified Success Moves Partner.  You will also have your own designated area on our website.

Who is this opportunity for?

  • Experienced business professionals wanting their own business.
  • Coaches/Trainers/Consultants wanting to build on their already established business.
  • Entrepreneurs who can see the lucrative potential of this opportunity.
  • Business owners wanting to expand their interests.
  • Those with familiarity and many connections on Linkedin.

Ways to build your local business:

  • Placing paid adverts that lead into funnels.
  • Visiting prospective clients.
  • Running Interview Process Days and encouraging repeats and referrals.
  • Attending networking events.
  • Attending personal development seminars.

Centre will support all of this until your location is up and running.  Ongoing centre will always be promoting the company as a whole and your location. We will also be managing your sales funnels which will get you immediate leads and also build you a long-term local database for ongoing marketing.  There are also national accounts you can immediately participate in.

What do I get for my license fee?

  1. A specific city and area that you own. 
  2. A very and quickly profitable business.
  3. Paid advertising and placement until you have your license fee back through sales.
  4. Induction and ongoing training.
  5. Personal coaching and mentoring for first 3 months.
  6. Presentations at your first 3 meetings.
  7. Network backup cover.
  8. A growing network to help recruit especially remotes.
  9. Accompanied visits for first 3 visits.
  10.  Presenters for arranged talks.
  11.  Group marketing. All leads for your area are passed to you.
  12.  Branded products (pens, pads, bag) for recruitment events.
  13.  Tech support for websites, emails, sales funnels.
  14.  Marketing support.
  15.  Regular social media postings
  16.  You Tube Channel.
  17.  Centre administrative support.
  18.  Free to trade in a non-licensed city.
  19.  Central accounting and legal

How much is a License?

From £20,000 including VAT depending on the City.

What do I do to move forward on this?

Contact me Alex McMillan on 07525-916574

I want people who want to work hard and scale their business to new heights exploiting our in-demand new way to recruit. My team and I will train and support you so as to ensure your success in quarter 1.