We are looking for ambitious graduates with an entrepreneurial flair to fast track their business careers.
We offer a unique opportunity appealing to a very ambitious, entrepreneur mindset profile of Graduate.


We have an 'in demand' solution to companies all over the world.
Companies pay a lot for offices and basic salaries for a sales team. The majority of whom dont make it to profit. Far too much fixed cost, loss and risk.

We replace their old way of doing things with results focused remote self-employed sales people.  And we, and you, earn an override every time they make a deal.

They replace fixed cost and loss with higher pay on results for the winners. We actually save them money whilst reducing their risk with our unique offer.

Nobody else is competing with this service.

My name is Alex McMillan CEO and I am very excited about sharing this opportunity.
Are you a graduate torn between pursuing a traditional job and starting your own business? Success Moves offers a unique opportunity that blends the best aspects of both paths, providing a chance for financial success and independence. As someone who also aspired to create their own wealth rather than building someone else's empire, I, the founder of Success Moves understand the desire for entrepreneurship and the potential for significant earnings at a young age.
The philosophy behind Success Moves is rooted in the belief that everyone can thrive in their own business venture. The allure of independence, flexibility, creativity, and the opportunity to accumulate personal wealth are key drivers for this model. Rather than following a traditional career trajectory, Success Moves promotes the idea of creating your path to success, enabling individuals to explore the world and live life on their terms.
Success Moves has developed a business model that sidesteps the common challenges and drawbacks of traditional entrepreneurship. By streamlining processes and removing barriers such as personal financial investments, inventory management, accounting, legalities, and administrative tasks, the focus can shift entirely towards generating profits. This innovative approach allows aspiring entrepreneurs to concentrate on reaping the rewards of their efforts without being bogged down by operational minutiae.
With Success Moves, graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs can access a unique opportunity that bridges the gap between employment and self-employment. By providing a pathway to financial independence and personal success without the typical hurdles associated with starting a business, Success Moves empowers individuals to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship with confidence and support. If you're looking to make a positive impact and build your own wealth while enjoying the benefits of business ownership, Success Moves could be the perfect stepping stone for your journey towards success.

You need to have clear and specific career goals.
Only then can you assess if what we offer provides a vehicle for you to achieve your dreams.
Be Honest!
Do you want to work remotely?
Yes   No

 Yes   No
Are you willing to learn and develop your skills to reach peak performance?
 Yes   No
Are you money motivated?
Are you motivated and confident enough to be rewarded by your achievements rather than by time served.
 Yes   No
Are you willing to learn and develop your skills to reach peak performance?
 Yes   No
Are you action focused with a strong sense of urgency?
 Yes   No
Your career and financial development with Success Moves passes through six stages.
Step 1: Preparation
Step 2: Prospecting
Step 3: Presenting and closing deals 
Step 4: Recruitment
Step 5: Developing a portfolio of clients and personal high income.
Step 6: Building and managing a team.
As a Graduate Trainee you will be paid full fees. It is a high-income formula.
As such it is a hard start and we have taken various steps to support you in the initial quarter.
You  are paid on results not time served. However, to soften that the following will apply.
1.We monitor your activity and if you hit call targets, we will take responsibility to give you extra support to achieve your first deals. You are targeted to make 25+ contact calls per day. ( Usually 100, so this allows plenty of time for research and learning.)
2.Presenting, closing, and recruiting will be done for you and you will be paid for it.
Your target is to bring in six ideal clients to Success Moves in your first quarter. This will probably be in Dubai, UAE which is our target market now.
Day 1:
Set up with contract, company email, log in to CRM and Dialler.
LinkedIn profile published with Succes Moves related content. This is important as anyone you contact their first move will be to check you out on LinkedIn.
Training on CRM and Dialler
Sales prospecting call training.
Day 2:
Sales Research and Prospecting using the Dialler.
Your objective is to contact the MD or SD of a company in various sectors in Dubai. The dialler will remind you of a script that you have been trained on. A positive call will result in a follow up message and proposal. This aspect will be done for your account. Your calls are recorded, and you will receive feedback and training on the content.
Once you have made initial calls, the next stage is usually an online zoom meeting. You will attend and have a senior member of Success Moves present for you. You will be trained on sales closing.
You will develop your sales skills with our training coaching and support. You will then be trained on recruitment. This will be done for your account.
You will be paid in full of 50% of all receipts from a client that you initiated. Although all the work apart from the initial contact will be managed for you. Soon you will be left to take over these aspects. You will always have two direct mentors supporting you.
The initial period is clearly the hardest part. Making your first deal.
Your income could be zero in month 1 and in five figures by month 12. You are very much building a portfolio and growing it. This takes a certain mindset. As a graduate you have invested three years in learning so this should come naturally. When you progress to Partner you can build your own team of graduates and receive overrides long term for showing them the path to success.
The truth is: It has not been easy.
It has been a struggle, many obstacles to overcome. We now have a system and opportunity for graduates who want to develop their career on the fast track and make a lot of money.
In a structured way with two experienced mentors guiding you to success.
I was making too many wrong turns.
Risking my own money,
Having too high fixed costs, Trusting creditors to pay. 
Underestimating the power of brand.
Having a traditional office.
Paying non-performing sales people.
But I never gave up and eventually developed a better way.  That is why I have set up Success Moves to fast track ambitious graduates with a system to support and accelerate success.
The One Thing That Changed My Life!
It was actually after years in business I realised I had to build a proven success system, which worked like a well oiled machine.  Processes in place to cover all eventualities.  All scenarios predicted.  A business model that could be sold as a franchise. Yet I had to design it without the investment, as I wanted to take all the obstacles out.  

Are you a graduate looking to learn and gain experience quickly to progress faster than your peers? Join our system designed for the strong, confident, and determined individuals willing to overcome any obstacle in their way. Get ready to stand out and thrive in your career with us. 
How many business owners do you think would like this?
Could you sell it?
The 'No Brainer' Package that will earn you a recurring income.
Company directors have all learnt that.
1. Fixed costs threaten their survival.
2. Basic salaries take pressure off sales people and they underperform.

3. Sales staff want to work remotely.

Most companies will not adapt and they are failing.  Our clients are prospering and growing substantially.
Let me Explain:
A sales office with 6 sales people in London will cost on average £100,000 per first quarter on rent and basic salaries.  That means the sales guys have to close £100,000 in sales to cover the fixed costs of being there. Or guess what, they are out of a job.

In our offer we suggest that they recruit through us remote sales guys on commission. The sales team are paid three times more because they are not carrying the losses.  They can now scale and have as many sales people as they want.  Fixed costs now zero. No risk to the business. 

Could you sell this? 

Well if you can you can earn an ongoing override on every sales person you place!
The High And Passive Income Secret
We only focus on customers and products and services that have a recurring nature to them.  This way we build a solid base of regular repeat income!
The hardest part is your first customer. From there they will keep coming in!
This is why we put a high emphasis on training, coaching and prospecting.
You will have access to a sophisticated CRM and dialler with lots of the work automated for you. 
The 10 Reasons For a Graduate to join Success Moves and work their way up to Partner.
 Quick payments as customers always pay up front. 50% Comms with Residuals.
 Repeated comms for life of customer.
 Overrides for Team Leaders
 Professional training and coaching.
 Your own funnels, database, predictive chats and email sequences.
 Operate and Promote in any country/language. Your own niche branding. Leverage your skills, knowledge and contacts.
 Build a capital asset that you can sell.

Our High Demand Services

"Set up fee plus override forever on people you place."

Sales Partnership Agreement

"A booming lucrative market with major recruitment needs."


Expats earning high tax free income

"World's number 1 in this market."

Commission Only Sales Recruitment

Our 50  10  10 business model and how it benefits you.
The company pays to its partners 50% of all receipts on the portfolio of clients they brought in and manage. They actually own that fee right as an asset.
It also pays them a 10% override on people they manage.
It also pays a further 10% on those that this level in turn manage.

There are four big advantages to this 50 10  10 system.
1. It enables a Partner to build a formidable passive income.
2. It means a new person has two mentors supporting them. 

3. Everyone is paid very well on producing results.
4. You are building an asset that you can sell.
We all know that the riches are in the niches.  We will design for you your own sales funnels for you chosen niche(s). All complete with personal database building predictive chats and follow up automated emails.
We supply all of your Digital Marketing
Your Own Niche Funnels and full Marketing support from experts.
Everyone has two direct mentors supporting them in our 50 10 10 system.
We wrote the book!
We are experts in generating leads and increasing sales. We write books and eBooks on the subject.
You will benefit for all this expertise, resources, software, marketing know how to support you building your business within our network.

Available to you are copywriters, funnel designers, advertising executives, sales trainers, authors, chatbot creators, Social Media Marketers, Sales Trainers all to help you succeed.

Attend our interview process event or apply below to become a Success Moves Sales Graduate and start building your career towards wealth.  To get started contact 
(44) +7525916574


Let us get moving.  We will set you up fast and work closely with you until you have got established.  We will train, coach and support AND actively help you bring in and close new business.  I look forward to talking with you.  Alex McMillan CEO.