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Our interview process days are still running and we have implemented safeguards for our candidates during this time. Please follow advice given in your invite email. The venues selected have all been checked to make sure adequate procedures are in operation.

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Interview Day

Everything you need to know to succeed on the interview day with your potential new employer is on this dedicated website for candidates. Look through our advice on how to succeed at interview and arrive fully prepared.


Look up the venue locations and see directions for travelling by train or car. Plan your travel and arrive in good time!

Interview Questions

Look through the most common interview questions, all of which have been asked at previous interviews. Gain the advantage by being prepared for the type of questions and information your potential new employer will be asking for.

Video Tips

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and browse our latest content. Videos on the interview process day, sales training and more.


Those candidates who are successful will often be informed on the interview day itself by the employer. If you do not make the final selection, then see our guidance on trying next time to improve your chances if you reapply to our other clients.


Hear what previous candidates have to say about interview process day and view our list of FAQs to answer your most common questions.

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Our podcast channel is regularly updated and full of hot tips for interview success, top job hunting and earning six figures. Listen and learn whilst getting ready, driving the car or even in the gym.  We provide you with crucial information that will help you run your business more effectively.

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Candidate Feedback Reviews

See how previous job applicants have rated Success Moves Consultancy after attending an interview.

We take our feedback seriously and endeavour to give all applicants a professional interview experience. We also strive to give value to everyone and to help them with their job search and interview technique.

All surveys are conducted by CustomerSure, an independent research company.

Prepare for your Interview

Let us share a little known secret. On interview it is not what you say in answer to a question as much as how you say it.

An interview is a face to face sales presentation which gives us three ways to communicate. Body language, our voice tonality and then with the actual words we say. Various studies have sought to analyse the influence of each. In practice they obviously merge into each other. But generally accepted is 55% is through body language, 38% through tonality and 7% through the words! But no one asks what to do with their body language or voice tonality! So when I say it is not what you say it is how you say it, you have the real secret of answering any questions well.

It is your tonality and body language that communicates interest, passion, enthusiasm, positive energy, determination. Those are the things the interviewer wants to SEE and HEAR. Remember ‘People buy people first and whatever else second’. So stand or sit tall, smile on your face, positive voice tone. Stop thinking it is all about what you say. They largely will not remember that. But they will always remember how you came across! What tends to lower the tone of body language and tonality is when someone is thinking too much because they are too much inside their head, when their focus should be on the outside. People who answer questions truthfully just answer them and their body language maintains the positive.

People who pause to answer are usually seen as trying to figure out the right answer and their body language goes down and don’t perform well. Therefore, truthful and positive people do better at interview and win their dream job!

Check out our video tips on interviews in this section, there is also a popular section on CV Writing which may interest you.

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Success Moves Candidates (SMC) is a trading name of Limitless Prospects Ltd, company registration number  12836600

Our objective is to provide dedicated information for self-employed sales job applicants who have been invited to an Interview with one of our clients

The Success Moves Consultancy was formed in 2008 as a Human Resources Consultancy offering services in sourcing, selecting, training and coaching, predominantly in the sales sector. We are focused on quality customer (and guest)  service. As policy we never have and never will promote opportunities that require any form of financial contribution. To date we have helped over a thousand candidates develop their careers with self-employed sales positions.

For more information, please email: support@successmoves.co.uk, or call us on 01403-256465

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